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The Work Goes On.

Sitting in her Great room, the Pantheon suddenly appears in a blinding flash of light. Standing before her is Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Appollo

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The Wizards of Pangea – The Sorcerer Chronicles – 3

They travelled daily, found incredible places to make camp at night and the week passed by quickly. They were on the edge of the city when they made camp on the seventh day. Bartok wanted to enter the city the next day, and he didn’t want to be at the mercy of Menandor’s hospitality for… Continue reading The Wizards of Pangea – The Sorcerer Chronicles – 3

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The Twins of Embrellon – VII

  The next morning, they were all on their way to fulfill their given duties. Yoran went to oversee the crossbow construction and placements, the Twins were off to train Guardians how to construct the bows and make arrows, and then train them to use them. Anyone could use a crossbow, just point and shoot,… Continue reading The Twins of Embrellon – VII

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The Twins of Embrellon

Chapter 1 It was early, the Sun had just risen. Dawn was fading and the early morning mist was dissipating. Lantana stood at her window, looking outside and wondering what today would bring. She was sixteen, and today, she would be on the hatching ground hoping to bond with a new born Skree. Her father,… Continue reading The Twins of Embrellon


My faith called into question.

I found out today that someone has called my faith into question. I am posting this in response to that belief. I found salvation at the age of 20 on April 1, 1984. I have live a repented life, I do write books that contain sorcery, magic, demons, wizards, angels, fallen angels, Nephilim, mythical creatures,… Continue reading My faith called into question.