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Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter 5

They entered the temple and were amazed. It was like stepping back in history three thousand years or more. The brazen altar, the giant bronze seas containing oil to be lit to summon Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi. Here Tamara could feel her magic strength returning, which explained a lot. If someone had found a… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter 5

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****Update, Update, Update**** Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter Four

Armed with the knowledge that Ich Bin had shared, they started the climb to the next trial. Sthenno would be more challenging to overcome than the Sphinx or the Nemean Lion. She was a Titan, older even than the Pantheon, more potent than the other foes they had faced and much more deadly. One look… Continue reading ****Update, Update, Update**** Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter Four


Interview with Jacky Dahlhaus

  I was born in Australia and grew up in The Netherlands. I checked out Adelaide, the city of my birth, for half a year after high school, before studying in The Netherlands to become a veterinarian. After a short career in the UK and a move to Perth, Western Australia with my husband, I… Continue reading Interview with Jacky Dahlhaus

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