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Odysseus’ Bow: Chapter 8

The potion was made from a plant that only grows in the Caucuses. It had a purple flower and resembled a thistle, but was aromatic. Caladan followed the preparation exactly as written. The potion when finished was royal purple, and was pleasant to the nose. He brought the potion to Tamara and she went to… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow: Chapter 8

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Update on Odysseus’ Bow

James McKenzie, the husband of Tamara Jenkins, professor of Occult Studies, was now in the thick of it. He had to find a descendant of Gilgamesh, one who could wield the power of Gilgamesh and complete the group needed to keep Nimrod from being released or if he was released, to imprison him again. James… Continue reading Update on Odysseus’ Bow

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Infinities Gate – May 2 – May 6, 2018 Kindle Edition is free!!!

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The Greatest Compliment….

Today, I got some direct feedback from a High School English/Writing Teacher. He bought two of my books, Bloodlines and Infinities Gate. This is a man who in his career taught creative writing classes. He was so excited about the books and said "I can't wait to read the next book." He asked about the… Continue reading The Greatest Compliment….

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Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter 5

They entered the temple and were amazed. It was like stepping back in history three thousand years or more. The brazen altar, the giant bronze seas containing oil to be lit to summon Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi. Here Tamara could feel her magic strength returning, which explained a lot. If someone had found a… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter 5