Gifts fit for the Season

As the holiday, Christmas, approaches and you are searching for gift ideas, consider books, in whatever form you choose. Books open the doors to the imagination. They can be about anything, however, if you choose books to give, make them personal for the person you are giving them too. Cookbooks for someone who cooks, fiction… Continue reading Gifts fit for the Season

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Odysseus’ Bow update.

James McKenzie sat in his office at the University contemplating what had happened, and how his life experiences had brought him to this day. He sat with fingers interlaced, index fingers on the bridge of his nose and his thumbs pressed to his lips. James was a strikingly handsome man. Red hair, slightly graying at… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow update.


Tools for better writing.

As a writer it is important for your stories to flow and for you to maximize the reader's experience and interaction with your characters. One of my recent discoveries, a tip from another writer, was to listen to what you have written so you can understand what it would sound like to a reader. I… Continue reading Tools for better writing.

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What drives you to write?

What drives you to write? In my case it is the desire to share my imagination and the stories that play in my head. Writing has many benefits, it is therapeutic, it is a release, it is an avenue with which you have an opportunity to be creative. Have you ever read a story that… Continue reading What drives you to write?