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Not Every Reviewer Fits.

I received an e-mail today from a book reviewer who started to review two of my books. The e-mail was polite and pleasant, and the reviewer gave me some food for thought. The reviewer commended the works as excellent, the technical side was great, the research used was thorough, but she was unable to finish… Continue reading Not Every Reviewer Fits.

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Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter 2 preview

Tamara and James prepared for the worst. They were going to head to the Caucuses and seek an audience with Pythia. Tamara was uneasy, she had felt guilty about Kameron for two years, and now she was headed back to the area where they had destroyed the Black Magus’ stronghold. Tamara knew that it would… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow – Chapter 2 preview

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The Work Goes On.

Sitting in her Great room, the Pantheon suddenly appears in a blinding flash of light. Standing before her is Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Appollo