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Indie Authors

I support and promote Indie Authors. I am an avid reader as well as a writer. I have a small book collection of my favorite authors. In todays publishing world though, it seems that the Indie Author is today's new Author. Indie Authors are often overlooked, under appreciated, underrated, and not respected. Some of todays… Continue reading Indie Authors

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It’s Personal. Interview in Enjoy South Valley Magazine.

It's Personal June 2018 Story by Melissa Mendonca   John Moore: Next Steps/My Father’s House It was a straightforward series of events that led John Moore, 54, to the steps of Pastor Kurt Salierno six years ago. “I was homeless. I’d gotten hurt. I lost my apartment,” he says. A degenerative back injury had become… Continue reading It’s Personal. Interview in Enjoy South Valley Magazine.

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Odysseus’ Bow

The Magus was coming, they could feel the evil that came with his presence. He was won over to it, filled with it and ready to do the bidding of the Fallen. He had been called to by Kronos himself, seeking to be released and the Magus twisted enough to believe that releasing Kronos was… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow

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Update on Odysseus’ Bow

James McKenzie, the husband of Tamara Jenkins, professor of Occult Studies, was now in the thick of it. He had to find a descendant of Gilgamesh, one who could wield the power of Gilgamesh and complete the group needed to keep Nimrod from being released or if he was released, to imprison him again. James… Continue reading Update on Odysseus’ Bow