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Progress Report: Odysseus’ Bow

Today as I am sitting here in front of my keyboard, I see many great and wonderful plot twists in the upcoming book. I noticed when I used some editing software for what I have already written, that the software will correct things or point them out and when a reviewer reads your manuscript, you… Continue reading Progress Report: Odysseus’ Bow

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Odysseus’ Bow: Chapter 8

The potion was made from a plant that only grows in the Caucuses. It had a purple flower and resembled a thistle, but was aromatic. Caladan followed the preparation exactly as written. The potion when finished was royal purple, and was pleasant to the nose. He brought the potion to Tamara and she went to… Continue reading Odysseus’ Bow: Chapter 8

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Indie Authors

I support and promote Indie Authors. I am an avid reader as well as a writer. I have a small book collection of my favorite authors. In todays publishing world though, it seems that the Indie Author is today's new Author. Indie Authors are often overlooked, under appreciated, underrated, and not respected. Some of todays… Continue reading Indie Authors