You’ve done all your pre-release work, and now what?

Before your book hits the market, i.e. for sale, you need to set up all your marketing avenues, get reviews, have beta readers read your work, at least ten people.  Then while it's available for pre-order, get your reviews ready and post them to all your social media accounts and develop a following. If you… Continue reading You’ve done all your pre-release work, and now what?

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You Need Exposure for Sales

When it come down to it the bottom line is that you need exposure in a major way if you want to make constant sales from new followers and or users and or believers in your company, product or brand and you also want to keep the veterans around.  Whatever it is that you are… Continue reading You Need Exposure for Sales

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Interview with G.L. Cromarty

read the interview here First blog post Today, Interview with G.L. Cromarty went live, please read the interview and learn more about John R Moore, Author of book series, The Sorcerer Chronicles, and Tamara Jenkins