Tools for better writing.

As a writer it is important for your stories to flow and for you to maximize the reader’s experience and interaction with your characters. One of my recent discoveries, a tip from another writer, was to listen to what you have written so you can understand what it would sound like to a reader. I didn’t quite get it at first, and I couldn’t figure out how to make my word processer talk. Once I did, it started me on a rewrite, not to change the story but to make it more readable, I am amazed at the difference and it also helped me to see that rearranging the story line isn’t always bad. Sometimes you just need the extra umph to get the story running.

How we think of what we write is always tough, but, when you have the opportunity to hear what you wrote, you can see how to make it better. This new-to-me tool will be used a lot. I want my stories to flow, the reader to get the maximum enjoyment from them, and for people who are fans of the genres I write in to enjoy the stories even more.

If you are a writer and reading my blog, figure out how to make your writing program speak to you, and then listen to your stories, the tool invaluable.

Happy writing


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