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Progress Report: Odysseus’ Bow

Today as I am sitting here in front of my keyboard, I see many great and wonderful plot twists in the upcoming book. I noticed when I used some editing software for what I have already written, that the software will correct things or point them out and when a reviewer reads your manuscript, you get a surprise, the software corrections are supposedly incorrect and your work is said to be poorly written. I thought about what they said and decided I would write the stories as I see them in my head, and edit them as well as possible and like it or not, the stories are going to be printed. The thing is, if a fan of the genre reads the book, they love it. If someone who reads romance novels, mysteries, etc…, and isn’t a fan of the genre, always pan the work. Fans are breathlessly waiting for the next book. Who is right? The reviewer who says you need to learn to write better, or the fan who wants another book? I think the fan is right.

For the future, I write for my fans, and all the fans of the genre, if you don’t like the genre, I am not offended. I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction, and I think that if you really want to understand the genre, read some Edgar Rice Burroughs, J.R.R. Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis. The genre is about fantasy worlds, alternate realities, myth, legend, and the supernatural. If you have no love for the genre, don’t read my books. Every author in the genre has been panned, I am no exception. That being said, I take it as a compliment, I am in good company.


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