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Odysseus’ Bow

The Magus was coming, they could feel the evil that came with his presence. He was won over to it, filled with it and ready to do the bidding of the Fallen. He had been called to by Kronos himself, seeking to be released and the Magus twisted enough to believe that releasing Kronos was a good thing. That the world needed him to be in charge and through him, the Magus would have what he wanted, ultimate power.
He had entered the same way into the domain of Hades as Tamara, and the others had, the difference was that Charon withheld the crucial information that he had shared with the others upon their entry. The Magus had been on his journey for weeks, he had come to the Underworld and never mentioned to Charon his purpose for being here. He traveled the maze, overcoming the different traps within. The Magus, led by the spirit of Nimrod and the voice of Kronos, they wanted their freedom and had enlisted his aid to gain it.
The Magus exited the maze, and when he saw who was waiting for him, he cursed them by all that was dark and evil. They had arrived before he had and were standing guard over the resting place of Nimrod. The Magus was going to need to devise a different strategy to release them. He went back the way he had come, and upon reaching the exit, he spirited himself away. He needed to attack them differently and make them abandon the chamber.
Reaching his fortress, he began to formulate a new strategy. To get Tamara and the others away would require him attacking her stronghold directly. How to do it was what he must decide now. The stronghold was protected by Ihk Bin, the Guardians, and over one thousand shamans and sorcerers. It was impregnable and within its walls was the Archive. The greatest source of knowledge the world had known since the days of the Library of Alexandria. The Watchers and the Order of St. Michael would protect the Archive to the death of the last man. The Magus needed an agent within, and Kameron was known to all of them, one of them at one time.
The Magus sent Kameron to the Fortress. He would be cloaked to hide his new nature, and sent in as their ally. As long as Jenkins was absent, Kameron would be able to enter the Keep, gain access to the Archive, and find what the Magus sought after. He had the bow, it would release Nimrod and he would give it to Nimrod to release Kronos. What he needed though was a special arrow, one that he was sure was inside the Archive. The only place it could be hidden. This was the arrow Paris had wounded and killed Achiles with during the seige of Troy. It was made by Hephaestus and was the only one of twenty one such arrows left.
During the thousands of years since the creation, Apollo had descended many Fallen with the bow and the arrows had went into the abyss with those he had descended. This arrow was lost in a battle, and found by the kings of Troy in ancient times and was held in the temple of Apollo as proof of their loyalty to Apollo. Paris had used it to defeat Achilles and repay the debt for killing Hector. When Achilles fell, Paris and Helen of Sparta had escaped into the country side and the Arrow was taken back to Greece by Agamemnon while Odysseus traveled back to Ithaca.
After Odysseus had killed all the suitors of his beloved Penelope with the aid of Telemichus his son, he sent for the arrow and Agamemnon refused him. He said it was his bounty for defeating Troy and King Priam. The Greek soldiers had looted Troy and most of the treasure had went to Mycenae. After Greece fell to the Romans, the arrow was kept in Rome, and at some point, either the Wathchers or the Order had spirited the Arrow away and placed it in the Archive. At least that was the legendarium concerning the Arrow.
Kameron had entered the Keep as the Magus had hoped, he wasn’t prepared for what happened. Tamara had related to all in the fortress what had happened when they had entered the Magus’ stronghold and how Kameron had been overtaken by the dark powers of the Djinn bound to Barnwell. Once Kameron had entered the keep, the traps and defenses were released and Kameron was caught in the first trap. Now he had come to Tamara’s fortress and stood at the gate of his former home. He knew there would be protections in place. He needed to enter the keep without setting off any of the defenses.
All of the Sorcerers prepared for the day that Kameron would return to the keep, Tamara shared what happened and how Kameron had been transformed by the spell. They were on watch when he appeared. For Byron Stormcrow, it was painful, he and Kameron were close before the change and now he stood facing his former ally knowing he would have to destroy him.
Kameron saw the pain in Byron’s face, he smiled. This would be an advantage, Byron would hesitate to attack him and give him an advantage. Byron stood facing him, prepared for what would happen. Knowing that Kameron would be over-confident and expecting Byron to hesitate was Byron’s advantage. He unleashed a storm of power and catching Kameron by surprise, trapped him in a sphere of energy.
Kameron, enraged by getting trapped so easily, began to fight against the sphere. Every time he touched it or used his powers to attempt to escape, the sphere would react. It pulsed and absorbed the power and turned it against Kameron. The blasts of power caused him great pain. The torment was unmerciful. Byron transported the sphere into a room made entirely of iron and coated with silver inside and out, it effectively muted Kameron’s power.
Byron released the sphere once Kameron was safely inside the cell. He would stay there until Tamara returned to question him. The cell was escape proof, and not even the Magus could release him. Once Kameron crossed the threshold, his power was blanketed and wouldn’t work


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