Why Write?

In today’s society where everything is instant, people want it now, why take the time and effort to write a book, short story, poetry, or any other form of written word? This is a good question with many answers. The one I would like to focus on today is Creativity. We have a need to create. Writing is personal, you are sharing your imagination, thoughts, opinions, faith, and many other things through the written word. Today, it is easy to get something to read. E-readers, digital copies, and actual books. Personally, I prefer to sit down with the book in my hands, and feel the pages. I do understand that in an instant society getting a book in any digital format is the way that things are headed, I publish all my works in that media as well.

Back to creativity. Creativity is a look inside the mind of the writer. When you read a book, you are sharing in the vision of the writer, you get to see the inner workings of their mind, and glimpse into the imagination that fuels their thought process. I enjoy good stories, especially if they are written in a format that gets my attention from the start and doesn’t let go of me until I finish the book. I am well versed in the classics, everything from the Iliad to Moby Dick. What I look for in a book is that the author writes in a way that keeps me interested in the story line and that it keeps me turning the pages to see what is happening next. It doesn’t matter what kind of story it is, as long as it moves.

As you go forward, write with gusto,


John R. Moore


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