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The Greatest Compliment….

Today, I got some direct feedback from a High School English/Writing Teacher. He bought two of my books, Bloodlines and Infinities Gate. This is a man who in his career taught creative writing classes. He was so excited about the books and said “I can’t wait to read the next book.”

He asked about the writing process, the creative process, how I come up with character names, etc…, I am humbled. A professional teacher, who spent forty years teaching English in High School just gave me a face to face compliment for a well constructed story that was exciting, fun to read, enjoyed the story line and the plot line.

As a self-published author who is sharing his imagination with the world, I just received a compliment of the greatest kind. This is a man who spent his career editing student stories, having them go through the entire writing process and is well versed in his profession.

Today, I am sitting here humbly. Appreciating all that this man said. It is the greatest compliment in the world to have someone who understands the technical as well as the creative side to writing, say “I love those books.” He was amazed that someone would do the research it takes to use real locations, historical locations, and the subject matter and make it my own stories.

Today as I work on the next book, Odysseus’ Bow, I am thinking of the things he said, and I am smiling as I write this. My books are appealing to people from all walks of life, from a 10 yr old to a professional English teacher. I am beyond blessed.

Keep Writing, do not give up.


John R. Moore

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