What day was Christ actually crucified on?

I have often asked of others this question. “If Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday, and was in the grave three days and three nights as he foretold as well as scripture. Then how did he rise from the tomb on Saturday evening? In the Jewish system, it is the evening first, and then the morning. The Day begins at 6pm, and end at 5:59pm the following day. So, that being said, let’s put on our math hats and do some simple addition and subtraction.

For Christ to have risen from the grave on the first day of the week, that begins at 6:00 pm Saturday night, there is no way possible, mathematically or otherwise for him to have been crucified on “Good Friday”. Let’s count backwards from Saturday. We know that Joseph of Arimathea and Gamaliel begged Jesus’ body from Pilate on the day of crucifixion and said they had to get him into the tomb before sunset. So, his sojourn in the grave began in the evening, which also means he would rise from the tomb in the evening.

If he was crucified on Friday, laid to rest on Friday evening, let’s count forward, and remember, he was seen on the first day of the week. Friday evening to Saturday, one day, Saturday evening to Sunday evening, two days, Sunday evening to Monday evening, Three days, that would put him rising from the dead on the Monday evening, which according to Jewish counting would be the beginning of the third day of the week. But it is clear in the bible, he was seen on the first day of the week, that would be Saturday Evening, so now we are going to count backwards and come up with the actual day he was crucified.

Rising on Saturday evening means that Friday evening was the beginning of the third day, Thursday evening the beginning of the second day, and the day he entered the tomb could only be on Wednesday evening. Why is this so important to understand?

We celebrate his resurrection on the first day of the week, the only way for Scripture to be fulfilled, Him being in the grave three nights and days, puts his crucifixion on Wednesday, as well as understanding that the year of his death had to be a high Sabbath, and the Passover fell on that week.

So, Good Friday is the wrong day to remember he was crucified. We should be doing that on the Wednesday Prior to what we now call Easter.

Thanks for reading my blog today, and I hope all of you have a Happy Easter, and celebrate the resurrection, not technicolor eggs and bunny rabbits, lol……

Welcome to my Imagination.



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