Ripple Partners and XRP Price

Solid breakdown on Ripple and xrp facts vs fiction

BigBuck's Blog

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what impact certain companies who have partnered with Ripple can have on the price of XRP. Let’s be honest, everyone who has anything invested in XRP wants to see the price of XRP rise. In a small way, all current XRP investors could be viewed as mercenaries: we are motivated to take part in the asset by the desire for private gain. Those in the #xrparmy are willing to get a little bloodier than the rest. However, all XRP investors have the same common goal: a higher price for XRP.

The Impact of Partners

On February 26, 2018, I responded to a thread in the XRPChat forums about the potential impact of a Western Union (WU) partnership if WU uses xRapid/XRP for all of it’s customer-customer transactions. I believe an analysis of WU’s numbers and potential impact on the price…

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