He will never leave you or forsake you.

Not so long ago, about 10 years, I found myself homeless, no income, living on the streets and sleeping at a rescue mission. Seems surreal, a man who had faith in God, finding himself on the streets. I ad been serving God over 20 years at the time, and was devastated by a divorce and all that followed.

I never lost my faith. Found Jesus was alive and well, even to a man homeless, hopeless, and living on the streets. Little did I know, the greatest chapter of my life, and the most vital ministry I had the honor to be in was about to happen.

Through being homeless, I was introduced to Kurt Salierno, a pastor to the homeless. The worst stutterer in history, and one of the best friends and ministry leaders I would meet. Through him, I got my life back in track, recovered from the destruction of divorce, and became a writer, and the house manager of a transitional facility for men at risk of addictions and homelessness.

If you think life’ over, or you can’ lose everything and keep your faith, boo, God is alive and well and still in the miracle working business.

All that said, never give up, never give in, God always has a victory plan. Stay blessed,

John R Moore

Welcome to My Imagination.


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