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The Work Goes On.

After spending the day fine-tuning my website, getting the purchase button working, and getting the pages smoothed, I sit down and begin to write again. This book is intriguing as I construct the story and begin to blend.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to meet one of the God’s of Mythology, only to find out that they weren’t as all-powerful as mythology made them out to be. That is where this story begins. These ancient gods need the help of a mortal to protect themselves from a weapon they designed.

It is the middle of the night and the laptop and the story calls. It must be written, It must be voiced. Tonight it must speak.

To not write the story would be the greatest disservice of all.

As the chapter continue to be written, I will update you on the progress. This to me is the most interesting book of this series so far, we shall see how the story unfolds. A lot of Authors sit down, outline the book, the plot, the subplots, and all the characters, for me, it is like watching a movie. I see the story and write it down as a chronicler rather than creator. I hope that when you read the body of work, you see the joy I take in telling the story.



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