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The Wizards of Pangea – The Sorcerer Chronicles – 7

They had risen and were preparing to leave when a Griffin landed, and spoke to Bartok. They had an incursion into an area near the rock cliffs where the Griffin’s made their home. They had fought them back, but they needed help and if they didn’t get it soon, they would be overrun. Bartok told Sarzon splitting up would have to wait. This was urgent and all of them needed to leave, and leave now. They all rose, put on their cloaks, they were already armed, took staffs in hand, and Bartok showed them where they were going, he had mounted the Griffin, and they all went at once, they arrived in the blink of an eye, on the ready when they materialized they were shocked, the Manticores had invaded into their home and were killing as many Griffins as they could.
Bartok held his staff, bowed his head and whispered a spell, no one heard him speak, and all the Manticores were bound in place, he told the group to go and kill all of the Manticores, and try to heal as many Griffins as they could. Any they couldn’t heal; they were to release unto death. They went it was a sad day for the Sorcerers, they ended up having to release thirty of the Griffins, they gathered all the bodies, Bartok told them not to touch the Manticores, these were different than the ones they usually fought, these almost looked human in the face and less like a lion, these were terrible fell beasts.
They used Magic to pile the bodies up, and they put the Griffins they had released into a different pile, and Bartok was about to call down his blue fire, when he felt a hand on his arm, it was the Anvil, he said we have been learning our new abilities, allow us to call the fire down. We need to practice. He backed away, and when the Dwarves called down the fire, it was Green instead of blue, but it consumed the bodies in exactly the same way. Bartok was impressed, the Dwarves truly had become Wizards and Sorcerers. Once that was done, the Dwarves removed the stain from the ground, and healed the land. They noticed that not all the burn was removed, and Sarzon placed his hand over the area where the burn was at, and he looked up quickly, rose and opened the ground, under the darkened area, was a sigil, not the sigil of one of the Wizards, but a sigil from one of the Dark Mages. Sarzon was infuriated and he brought the end of his staff down in the middle of the sigil and broke it. The ground then healed. He destroyed the broken seal, and then he placed his own sigil into the ground and raising his staff, he struck it downward into the ground and they watched the glow spread out, it was almost dusk, and the lines from his sigil glowed and flowed out towards the land and sea.
The Dark Mages had placed Sigils in the ground everywhere, that was how they were coming and going. They had a new mission now. They would stay here this night. The following day, the real work would begin. As they sat and ate, he told all of them that starting the next day, they would be splitting into the three groups, and Bartok would go back to their outpost, from this day forward, they were going to worry less about the fell beasts that were coming, they would handle them as they came. Their mission now was to find all the Dark Mages sigils, destroy them, and replace them with their own sigils and use their staffs to locate the next one.
Each of them was to make a map of the areas that they went to, and locate on the map every sigil they found and destroyed, they were going to start going out in parties of three now, one representative from each group, and they should be prepared to fight anything they came against. He wanted them ready and this was the first step. Then Bartok made a symbol in the air, he told them if they saw the symbol they were to come back to camp and get him, it was the sigil of Morcandon the Black and he made sure all of them knew what they were up against.
after he had shown them the sigil, they all left. It was going to be hard going until they were through removing all the sigils of the Dark Mages and closing down their pathways into the north.
They had a hard chore in front of them. The first time any of them had been on their own and they assigned the groups areas they would be able to follow up on day after day. There were no deserts or wastelands in the northern lands, near the sea were sea cliffs that different birds, griffins, Ziz used to nest in, but the idea was for each group to take an area of the continent, and then to go and remove the sigils, with thirty groups going, and the remainder at their outpost, they would be in good stead. He told them that when they saw the spies from the south, to use their bows if they could, Magic if they couldn’t, and destroy them.
They all prepared for the next part and when it was time, they blink out and arrived at their appointed areas. They were ready, and with men, elves, and dwarves in each group, they were able to find the sigils. It took weeks to clear one area. The Free Lands took up most of the Northern Lands, taking out that many sigils were a daunting task, but they started out with a plan. They went to the known places the Dark Mages had appeared and removed the sigils there. That gave them a head start on the work of removing them. As they moved forward, the areas the Dark Mages could appear became less and less, after about three months, as they were sitting at the outpost, Bartok told them that they had removed most of the sigils and had narrowed down the areas they could appear. It was now time to take the three groups as planned originally and go forth. Then ten from each race were in each group.
They all gathered together and went to find the Dark Mages and to drive any of the Demon Horde and the Dark Creatures out of the North Lands. They had been all over the north, everywhere but Benelvin. It was protected for now, but the Kingdom of Menandor wasn’t, they sent a group of thirty there, and Bartok the Blue went with them. He was granted an audience with Menandor immediately, and when he explained why he had come, the King told him that they had been fighting the Dark Creatures for months. He had sent an emissary to the Fortress, but seeing as Bartok was here, he was sure the Emissary had missed him.
Bartok asked the King if the Necromancer had been seen, and he told him no, but it was evident that he hadn’t destroyed him yet, or he wouldn’t be here and neither would the fell beasts terrorizing his Kingdom. He felt bad for the King, his brother had been his closest friend when they were youths, but now they were as different as darkness and light, and that was the most painful part. Menandor had approved of his brother training with Bartok, and had seen him become a powerful Apprentice, when he failed in the Well of Souls, he left and went south, the next time they saw him, he was leading the Demon Horde across the border and had attacked the capital city. Bartok had arrived and they had the first of five Wizards Duels, each one more deadly than the last.
He always felt that Bartok had held back because he felt that he had failed in his training before taking him to Benelvin for the Trials. He passed the Trials, but when he failed in the Well of Souls, he fled Benelvin by stealing a small boat, and going south down the inland sea to the port. There he went into the Dark Lands, and faded out of history. He returned fifty years later with the Demon Horde, and they had been locked in a battle ever since.
He had waited for centuries to see his brother’s evil brought to an end, and for the first time, he told Bartok that he didn’t blame him, it was Morcandon who was to blame. He went south because he failed to pass through the Well of Souls victorious. Pride was what caused him to become the Black Necromancer, not Bartok the Blue. He was touched, he had thought that for all these centuries, Menandor had blamed him for Morcandon turning to evil because he had failed to instruct him well enough.
He asked the king to show him where the attacks had taken place. The king took a map and showed him where each of the attacks had taken place. When he was through studying the map, he told the King that they would take care of the incursions, and try to find the Necromancer, he also that him it would be their last battle. He would end this or die trying. That seemed to sadden the king, but he held his peace. Bartok seemed full of life and ready to see his life continue.
They had to leave and once they did, they continued according to the map, destroying sigils, dueling the Dark Mages, and finishing their hold in the Kingdom of Menandor. It had taken months to root out all of the sigils, and they never found one for Morcandon. He was being aloof, or directing the fight from the south.
They were back at the outpost nightly. Sarzon had found a new way to keep an eye out for the incursions. He had sent the lines from his sigil across the whole of the Free Lands and the Kingdom, if they came and tried to invade they would trip the invisible lines and they would respond at night, in full strength. The first weeks the lines were out, there were no incursions, but then on night, several lines were tripped at once, he divided the group accordingly, and they transported to the place. They were in highly pitched battles, from one end of the north to the other. That one night they had thirty incursions. When they returned to the outpost, all of them were exhausted, they had fought through the night. The Dark Mages, the Demon Hordes, the Dark creatures, they had come in force and had come prepared.
Sarzon knew they couldn’t detect his traps, but he did want to know how they were able to make that many incursions, they had destroyed the sigils for months, they must have missed some. Or they had spies or underlings placing the sigils for them, but that would require them to use Magic. He had to find out. How could they find the pathways that the Dark Mages were using? As he was meditating on how, Bartok came and sat beside him. “Sarzon, what is weighing so heavily upon you that your oblivious to anything around you?” Sarzon looked up, “I am trying to figure out how the Dark Mages are making the incursions after we destroyed the sigils.” Bartok looked at him and then he told him, “The Dark Mages use sigils to move around, but if we can move without using a sigil, don’t you think that they can too? Everything that we have learned to do using Magic, they can learn too. They pervert what is good and pure to something evil, it’s like looking in a mirror, they are the reflection that we see in the mirror. Looks like us, but is completely reversed. It is only by the Grace of God that we are given this gift, the power to fight the forces of Darkness that is the army of the Fallen.
What we do is take a stand and defy them, and protect the people from them. But it will not always be so, one day, when there is only one to stand against them, God will destroy the earth, and when he cleanses it, that one righteous man, will survive and God will rebuild again. Until that time, it is our fight, and our will, and it is what we will do until we overcome them, or die trying.” With that, Bartok fell silent, it was more than he had said in a long time, and when he finished, he saw that the cloud had lifted from Sarzon.
Sarzon the Silver, the most powerful Wizard and Sorcerer in all the North, had finally understood why he was here. He had chosen to Serve, and that had meant setting aside his doubts about himself, his mission, and the others that were united with him were here to protect those who hadn’t chosen the darkness. He called for the group to come together and once they were all there, choosing his words carefully, he told them “I believe, after much meditation and prayer, that I have the answer to the Dark Mages entering the Free Lands without us being able to detect them until they have released Dark Magic.” They were all stunned. They had been searching for that answer for months.
He began “We have only scratched the surface of what we are capable of doing. We are going back to the Fortress to train. We have the power to stop them and we will continue to go on missions. We have already learned how to transport from one place to another, now we are going to learn much, much more. It is time to pack, we are leaving immediately.” Bartok and the others had many questions, and when Bartok began to ask for an explanation, Sarzon raised his hand for silence, and said “I will explain everything, but not here, only in the Fortress. It’s time to go.”
They got their gear together and they went to the Fortress. Once they were safely inside and the door up and the portcullis down, he told them to go, unpack, and once we have a good meal, I will explain why we had to return here to train. They all couldn’t argue the need for a good meal, and they were looking forward to sleeping in a bed that night, and having a regular bath. Even Lorelai and Lazolon were glad to be back in the Fortress.
The evening meal was extravagant. The dwarves had pulled out all the stops, roast Auroch, boar, stag, and goose. They had meat pies, and flatbread, plenty of mead and stout. They all sat down at the long trestle tables, and after Sarzon blessed the food, they enjoyed the meal as friends and comrades. The joining of the three races had strengthened all of them, the Dwarves could now use Magic, and the crafts that they had mastered without the benefit of Magic, were just increased by tenfold. When the meal was finished, and the tables cleared, they all sat looking to Sarzon for an explanation.
He cleared his throat, took a long drink of hot tea, and then he began “I have studied our current situation of not being able to detect how the Dark Mages have been able to invade our lands and bring the fell beasts and demon horde into our lands. I believe after long contemplation, meditation, and prayer I have discovered their secret.” A silence fell in the hall, “I have been practicing a new technique that I want to teach you and in the process, I saw how they could cross into our lands and then bring the other after.” With that, he rose from the chair he was sitting in, and walked into the center of the room, staff in hand, he placed his sigil on the floor stepped on the sigil, and said “Rise”, standing on the sigil, he began to levitate in front of them and then whispering, lips barely moving, he started flying around the room, it looked as though he was standing on air, the sigil couldn’t be seen under him. He landed, and then he spoke.
“The Dark Mages are using their sigils to levitate and cross over the seals, the seals will stop them if they are in contact with the ground, but they can levitate across them, once on this side, they transport the others through a portal,” he made motion with his hand and stepped through the portal and appeared on the other side of the room. “That is how they are invading our space.” Everyone gasped, he had just showed them Magic they had never imagined was possible.
Bartok asked him “How did you figure this out?” Sarzon smiled the smile he had seen so many times when he had questioned Bartok about Magic, and when Bartok saw it, and he smiled too, the Apprentice had become the Master. Sarzon continued, “Bartok gave me the answer actually. I was having doubts about our abilities, thought I had missed something, when actually, the answer was there the whole time, I just didn’t know how to see it. The Mages are not as powerful as all of us, they just know how to use the Magic they have. Bartok told me that the Dark Mages are like looking at your reflection in a mirror. Whatever we can do, they can do, they just aren’t as strong. If I raise my right hand, my reflection shows the left, it’s that simple. It can mimic what I do, but it can’t overpower what I do because it is not me, it’s only a reflection.” With that he began the instruction of how to use their sigils as he had, and how to form a portal to walk through to somewhere else, or bring a group through to where you were at. You only needed to know where you were going, and once there, you open a portal from where they are to where you are and they walk through as though they were going through a door.
It changed the nature of what they were trying to do. Now all they had to do was know where the Dark Mages were at, create a portal and walk through, they just needed to be far enough away to manipulate the Magic when facing their foe. They had their first opportunity to use the new abilities the following day, they were alerted to the presence of Dark Magic and opening a portal, they walked through and faced their enemy.
The Dark Mages had come in force this time, there was ten of them, and they were ready for the Wizards. When they appeared, the Dark Mages unleashed a barrage of Dark Magic, the Wizards deflected the attack and countered the battle was going to be long, these Dark Mages had come for a Wizards Duel, and they were about to get one. Ten of the Wizards accepted the challenge, and the others stepped back and before the duel started, they put an enchantment around the site, so that the release of the Magic wouldn’t harm the area.


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