The Wizards of Pangea – The Sorcerer Chronicles – 5

The day had finally arrived, Elric dropped in from the sky and he had a surprise for them, one of the Nephilim was with him. He had brought him here actually, and it was a great treat for all of them, very few of them, only Bartok and Delvina had ever had the opportunity to speak to one of the Nephilim, this one was named Tandriel, he was their leader. He had come to see Sarzon the Silver, and wanted a private audience with him. Bartok escorted him to Sarzon’s rooms and introduced Tandriel to Sarzon, and then left, he wasn’t invited to the meeting, and he wouldn’t assume that he was to be privy to the conversation.
Tandriel sat across from Sarzon and looked deeply into his eyes. Then he looked at the sigil, he smiled, and said “You figured this out on your own?” Sarzon nodded, Tandriel continued “How long did it take you to figure out this sigil?” Sarzon said “I worked on it for months, researched every book and scroll that Bartok has, and he gave me this book to learn from as well.” Tandriel raised up the book and read the cover, it was a book of Enochian that he had given to Bartok many years ago, then he said “Your training is complete. The last thing a Wizard and Sorcerer learns is how to make their own sigil. You have made yours and it is correct, even down to the Name of YHWH.
You are young, how old are you? Twenty-five or thirty?” Sarzon replied, “I am thirty years old, I have been studying with Bartok since I was ten. A year ago, I passed the trials, and travelled successfully through the Well of Souls, and came out the other side after I destroyed the Dark Seed.” Tandriel was impressed, he told him “It is a rare thing indeed for an apprentice of twenty years to pass the trials and Pass through the Well of Souls. How did you accomplish this?” Sarzon hadn’t known until recently that it was the fact that he was born a Wizard that caused him to pass so young. “I was born a Wizard, I didn’t learn to become one, I could already manipulate Magic by the time Bartok found me. Later, I learned what the difference is and I am not only a Wizard but a Sorcerer as well.” “That is a rare thing Sarzon, only a handful of the children of Men can say that. Tell me, are you from the line of Cain?” he looked at him and replied, “No, I am from the line of Seth, my father’s Grandfather’s Grandfathers father was Seth.
Tandriel was taken back by that, how could this young Wizard know his own lineage this well. He asked him “Who taught you that this was your lineage? I am not saying it isn’t I want to know how you learned, wasn’t your parents killed when you were ten?” Sarzon told him “While my father was still alive, we had a staff, on it was the names of the generations of my father’s. I learned it from that staff, would you care to see it?” Tandriel was shocked, he had no idea that anyone possessed such a staff. “Yes I would, I would like to see that staff very much.” Sarzon rose from his chair and went to his wardrobe, and spoke the words to release the enchantments, he opened the door, and reached into it and brought out the staff. It was carved from Gopher wood, and the staff was carved in rings, each ring had a name in Adamian and Enochian, the same names. It was old, and it was real, it was the Staff of Seth, the first Wizard and Sorcerer, the progenitor of the Holy Line, even Enoch’s name was on the staff, it was Genuine, Tandriel recognized it almost immediately.
He looked at Sarzon and slowly handed him the staff. Then he told him, “You are the only one who could possess that staff, never lose it, never use it, keep it safe, and keep it hidden, many would kill to possess it, and many would try and steal it if they knew of its existence. Does Bartok the Blue know of the staff, has he ever seen it, read it, or felt it?” it was an odd question and even odder statement, he had thought of putting his sigil on the bottom of the staff and carrying it instead of his staff. He looked at Tandriel and said, “Yes, Bartok knows of the staff and its meanings. He had handled it and read it. Tandriel looked deeply into his eyes, and said “You should know this, there is one in this world who would kill every living soul to possess that staff. You MUST choose who you share its existence with very carefully. No Nephilim would attempt to take it, and no Dark Mage or Necromancer could wield it, but a natural born Wizard and Sorcerer such as you are, could attempt to wield it, but unless they had the same exact lineage as you, a brother or an uncle, maybe a cousin, it would be impossible for them to do so. The staff has great protections and would kill anyone who tried to wield it other than you.”
He decided it should stay where it was, locked behind the enchantments and maybe saved for his own son if he should have on. He looked at Tandriel and said “I will keep it safe and in that wardrobe protected with enchantments until such a day as I have a son of my own to pass it too.” Tandriel looked at him in wonder, very few Wizards and Sorcerers had off spring. It wasn’t because they didn’t desire to do so, but they would have to find a suitable match, another Wizard and Sorcerer. In this case, Sarzon would need to find a woman, and it was rare enough to find someone like him among men, not so among the elves though. That’s when he realized why he had been sent here, he spoke again “There is one among the Elves who you should cultivate a relationship with if you haven’t already. Lorelai the Fair, she would be the one to help you protect the realm of the Free Lands, Benelvin, and the Kingdom, do you know her?” Sarzon laughed and said “she is here, she came to take part in the fight, we have been companions now for over a year, would you care to meet her?” Tandriel said to send for her, and he would meet her.
When Lorelai entered the room, Tandriel took a deep breath, she was as beautiful as her mother, and had the strength of her father, he knew them both well, and wouldn’t take advantage of that by stealing their daughter and set the world on fire. He had been given specific instructions by Uriel, he was to come here and to speak to Sarzon, and to make sure that he and Lorelai became paired, that was his instructions. “Lorelai, I have known your parents all their lives, I have known Bartok since he passed the trials and the Well of Souls, and now I have the pleasure of knowing both of you. I have been commanded by Uriel, the Archangel, to come here and make sure I give the two of you a message. You are to stay together, you are to make this Fortress you home, and to raise your sons and daughters to become Wizards and Sorcerers as the both of you are. The children will all be born Wizards. It is your task and your duty to carry on when Bartok, Delvina and Threndon have stepped aside, you will stay here and this will be your place. Is that understood by both of you?” they nodded, and he said “Good, then as soon as possible, the two of you and Bartok must go to Benelvin, the Fortress is safe from harm, the -seal can’t be broken by any but YHWH and he has no desire to do so.”
They asked if they should send for Bartok, but he was already at the door, he had knocked and they let him in. Tandriel looked at Bartok and said “Bartok the Blue, we must go to Benelvin at once, you, Sarzon the Silver, and Lorelai the Fair. Elric the Bold, that is his real name by the way, will take the four of us there and return the three of you here. I will be going to the east once the task we are to do is complete. How soon can you be ready to leave?” They all looked at each other, and Bartok said “We can be ready to leave within the hour.” Tandriel said to make it so. They all packed some clothes for the trip, made sure they had all their weapons, armor, amulets and wards with them, their staffs, and robes, they walked out in fifteen minutes, Sarzon was last, he had to make sure the wards and enchantments were up over the Wardrobe before they left.
He met them in the courtyard and they climbed aboard Elric the Bold, and he took them to Benelvin it took three hours, and once they landed, they were in Fair Haven, Delvina came out to meet them, she asked if there was a problem, and Tandriel said “No, no problem, we are here for a wedding.” She looked at him oddly, and said “Whose wedding?” he responded “Sarzon the Silver and Lorelai the Fair.” She was floored, she wouldn’t have chosen a human Wizard for her daughter, she would have had her marry an Elf, but this was Tandriel, one of the Nephilim, and he wouldn’t interfere unless he was given instructions to do so. She knew him well, “Who sent you Tandriel? I have known you for almost eight hundred years, and you have never interfered in anything unless one of the Archangels gave you instructions to do so.” He nodded, she was right, “Uriel came to me after we had reinforced and added unbreakable seals to keep the Fallen in the south. He said that it was the will of YHWH, for them to be married, and that they would take residence in the Fortress, and would raise sons and daughters who were born Wizards, all of them. I am only a messenger; I did as I was commanded.” She looked at him and said “I can’t really argue with an Archangel, and I would argue with YHWH for any reason. When are they to marry?” he told that was why they were here, they were to marry today, and return to the Fortress to prepare to meet Morcandon the Black in the field, the new wards had kept him and his Dark Mages from transferring from the south by using Magic. They would have to travel on foot or by animal to cross the river into the North.”
She called for Threndon and told him what Tandriel had said, Threndon sent for the high Priest, and set the wedding for one hour, and then looked at Tandriel and said “Will that be quick enough?” he smiled and said, “It will be, yes.” Lorelai, Sarzon, Delvina, and Threndon went inside their house and talked for about fifteen minutes, then they asked Sarzon to go outside and wait, they would escort Lorelai out when the wedding ceremony started.
He returned to Bartok and Tandriel and Bartok prepared him for his part as they waited for the priest to arrive. He came shortly, and right after, Delvina came out and Threndon escorted Lorelai out to the priest. They were all astonished, she was beautiful, she was wearing a gown that looked like it was made from pearl dust and diamonds, and it shimmered as she walked, he was the most fortunate man on earth. She came and stood beside him, and the priest gave the invocation, prayed over them, and then had them vow to stay together, support each other, and to be true to each other, when they said they would, he told them to face the group of witness and they did, and he said he now pronounced them man and wife.
They were ready to leave in another fifteen minutes, Delvina said she would send all her things as soon as she could get them there, and she would make sure she sent the dress.
That was how simple it was and then, once she was back in her other clothes, and had her robe back on and all her weapons, they climbed up on Elric the bold and left. Tandriel had stayed and was going to return to the east the next day. It was a special day, he hadn’t been sent on a mission in centuries, and Uriel had made it clear who had sent the message. He decided that he should be better at his reverence for YHWH, and realized that he had been called back into HIS service and that was more than he could have ever expected.
The three of them arrived back at the Fortress by early evening, and when Elric the Bold left them, they had quite an announcement to make. Once they made the announcement, they had a proper wedding feast, even though she didn’t have the dress, they had everything else and it was important that they have the feast before she moved into and shared Sarzon’s rooms. He was so nervous he could barely speak, and Bartok gave him wine mixed with ambrosia, to steady his nerves. They had the toasts, the meal, the roasted boar, and the Auroch roasts was incredible.
The Dwarves had pulled out all the stops, they presented the couple with gifts, new rings for their left hands, a bonding amulet for each of them, and specially made goblets made of the finest silver, and they each were given a new dagger. The Dwarves gifts were incredible, the Elves came next, they had a complete set of books written in runes for them, as well as new cloaks, ones that had both their colors in them, silver for Sarzon, and Forest Green for Lorelai. His colors were on the border and hood; her colors were inside the Silver. They had made them new tunics, and boots. The men came and presented them with a woodcarving of the two of them, astride the horses they had ridden from Benelvin, and they gave her special combs for her hair made from Auroch horn, and turtle shell. They gave him a new razor, and they thanked them. Afterwards, all of them toasted the bride and groom, and they escorted them up to his rooms, and left them in peace for the rest of the night.
They had a bit of a time calming down, they had made it so exciting and heartfelt for them that they were almost afraid to be in the same room together, what if they wound up hating each other after a few hundred years, that would break her heart. He was sure and he assured her that he would never leave her, and he would always be by her side. They were now one. There was a quiet knock at the door, it was Bartok, he gave them a large trunk, and a huge bag. He told them to wait until he left to open them. The bag had her dress in it, and the trunk had all her things from Fair Haven, she was astonished, Delvina had used magic to send them here? How she couldn’t penetrate the seal, how would she get them inside, unless, Bartok had sent them ahead and they were outside when they had gotten back, and he hadn’t wanted her to go through the wedding celebration in her dress.
They had spent their night together, learning about each other, when the morning came and they rose for the day, Lorelai had placed her things along side of his and had made it their room. He was happy, he felt that his life had more purpose now than ever before. He was a Wizard and Sorcerer, Sarzon the Silver, and he was married to Lorelai the Fair, and they were joined, together with all the Wizards and Sorcerers in the North against the evil Dark Mages and their leader Morcandon the Black Necromancer, former Apprentice of Bartok the Blue, and servant of the Fallen. One day their children would join them in this fight and until the day God decided to destroy the earth, his lineage would continue to fight against the powers of the Fallen, and the Dark Magic that they used to recruit their puppets.
When they came down to the main hall, their companions were preparing their gear, they were going to move out today, and Bartok was standing there, his blue black hair pulled back, elf fashion, his beard which hung down almost to his waist, was combed and braided into two braids, and he was wearing his armor, his Dwarf made shirt, he had his swords and his staff, his cool blue eyes peering out from under his bushy eyebrows, taking in the whole seen, and his blue embroidered robe was almost shining, he looked to be in the prime of his life, and he was seven-hundred and fifty, his body was bristling with strength, his natural forces were full and had not abated, Sarzon hadn’t seen him like this in at least ten years.
Sarzon was looking at his mentor and saw the scar that ran down the side of his face, from the corner of his left eye down his cheek and across to the corner of his mouth. He had been attacked by a Manticore long ago and it had slashed his face and injected him with poison from its stinger in the tail. Delvina had healed him of the poison, but he refused to have her take away the scar. He said it was a reminder not to act without thinking first. He had jumped forward and attacked out of emotion and the Manticore had maimed and poisoned him. Delvina had killed it, and them healed him. It was a lesson he never forgot.
Sarzon was stood as tall as any elf, as did Bartok, his hair was naturally silver, he wore a short well-kept beard, his silver hair was pulled back and braided down the back with the rest of the hair loose, his eyes were a brilliant emerald green, and he looked the picture of health, he was strong and lithe, not slim, but not heavily muscled like the Dwarves, but like a Man, he was wearing his Dwarf made shirt, his long shirt under it, a green tunic with silver runes on the collar and hem, his pants were leather, and were a beautiful cream color, his knee high boots were Elvin Made and were dark brown. He had his sword and dagger, the bow Delvina had made for him, his quiver of arrows, his new staff.
He had made a new staff from iron wood, it had been suggested to him by Tandriel, and he had carved the runes in it, and placed his sigil on the end of the staff, and on the top, he had placed a new crystal, an orb, it was Tandriel who showed him in one of the books the value of a crystal orb, it had no sharp corners to bend the light, and then he mounted it in silver, and enclosed the orb in silver basket work. It was a thing of beauty, he then had given it to the dwarves to overlay it in silver, and to place the runes and carvings that needed to be in place to imbue it with the enchantments to make it a weapon of Magic. When they returned it to him finished and he picked it up, the runes all began to glow, and an intense light filled the room for a minute or two, and when the light had faded, the runes and his sigil were all glowing.
They had all looked at each other, the Dwarves, Lazolon, Lorelai, and Bartok were witness to the act. Not even Bartok had seen anything like that happen before. He asked Sarzon who had told him to make a new staff, and where did the design come from, he told him that Tandriel and showed him and explained to him certain things in the books that Bartok had gifted to him, held all the keys to the creation of the new staff, and the materials to make it from. The orb was the hardest part, he had to find a large, pure, clear piece of crystal and then use magic to manipulate it into the shape needed. Once it was shaped and the staff carved, then he carved the sigil in the end of the staff, and placed the silver cap on the end, and made a socket out of silver and mounted the orb on the top, he then manipulated the silver and enclosed the orb in a basket made of sliver exactly as he had seen in the scroll. He carved the protection runes and wards into the wood of the staff, and gave it to the dwarves to guild and place the other runes in place. The rest they saw.
Bartok sat back and shook his head, he had never seen anything like it, and he could feel the power emanating from the staff, as could all the others, that introduction to Elric and the king he had made when he said that Sarzon the Silver was one of the strongest Wizards and Sorcerer in all the north, he wasn’t exaggerating. He had just made a staff, more powerful than any staff known, and would become the pattern for all Wizards and Sorcerers in the future.
The day was getting away from them, they should be loading up to go, and they were still packing. Sarzon finally asked Bartok what they were waiting for, and he smiled and said “Transportation”. Transportation? What kind of transportation he thought, and then he realized they were not going to wherever Bartok had in mind on foot? They were going to have something to ride.
That made him at ease, and he packed the things he would be needing on the trip. He had made sure that he and Lorelai had an ample supply of Ambrosia. They had packed only their weapons and magically imbued items that had protection enchantments on them. Now they were preparing to eat a filling meal, and then wait for their ride. He still didn’t know what they would be riding, but Bartok had given all of them a list of things to bring, and he had been very specific about the supplies, they had taken dried meat, dried fruit, nuts, the dwarves wanted to take smoke cured meats, but Bartok said no, and they were a little disappointed, he told them not to worry, where they were going, there would be boars a plenty, and other game to eat. When they had time to hunt that is.
Their ride arrived at dusk, and they were all amazed, they hadn’t thought that there were any Ziz left in the world, but here, right in front of them, was a whole flock of them. The Ziz were large bird-like creatures that no one had seen in so long that they couldn’t remember seeing one.
They were in the courtyard, and the Ziz had the power of Speech. They were talking with Bartok while the company got their gear. That was why Bartok had insisted on them taking only what he told them to take. The Ziz were as big as a horse, and they had large wings, but they also had to fly carrying the companions and what gear that would be taken.
They got loaded and each of them mounted a Ziz, and there were five more Ziz with no riders, on them they tied their supplies. It was going to be a different kind of ride than with the Griffins, these were four legged birds, and they were large in size, and strong, but weren’t known for carrying things on their backs, they carried them in their claws. How Bartok had convinced them to take them was a mystery. As they sat waiting to depart, Elric the Bold, King of the Birds, landed in the courtyard. A royal send-off,
They were all prepared for departure and Elric was leading the way. He wasn’t there to give them a send-off, he was going with them.
This would definitely be the battle to end all battles, they were travelling with over one-hundred Ziz, and the King of Birds, Elric the Bold. They would be facing formidable odds if Elric was accompanying them. Stories of the Birds ferocity were told in hushed tones around campfires by men, elves, and dwarves. They all had a great respect and fear of the giant white bird.
The Ziz were prepared to leave, and Elric took command of the group, he called the to fly and follow him to battle and they left the Fortress once again. Sarzon and Bartok had kept the enchantments in place and they didn’t leave through the door, upon returning though, they would have to lower the Door to enter in.


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