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The Wizards of Pangea – The Sorcerer Chronicles – 3

They travelled daily, found incredible places to make camp at night and the week passed by quickly. They were on the edge of the city when they made camp on the seventh day. Bartok wanted to enter the city the next day, and he didn’t want to be at the mercy of Menandor’s hospitality for more than a couple of days, before they set out for the Free Lands and the north. He had his reasons and he didn’t say why, and no one felt like arguing, it was another night outside, and they had plenty of supplies. They made camp, ate and had lain down all of them when a squadron of Guards approached the camp and inquired as to who they were and what they wanted in Menandor? Then Bartok stepped forward in his robe and they all shrunk back. They had heard of the Wizard, but none of them had ever seen him before.
They told him they would escort him and his party to the palace immediately, and Bartok refused, he told them they would enter the city on their own the next day, and would make their way to the palace and be there by midday. They weren’t happy with his answer, but who was going to challenge Bartok the Blue, not even their king was that foolish. There were stories of things that he had done, and they didn’t want to be on the wrong side of his wrath.
The next day they entered the city and made their way to the palace and as they had said, they arrived at midday, they were announced, and Menandor welcomed all of them to his table and to a banquet in their honor. It was impressive, even if it seemed a bit stiff. It was because of the past, not because he was an ungracious host. He toasted them, and asked why so many wielders of magic were travelling in a group. Bartok told him they were his guests and were accompanying him to his fortress in the north.
That seemed to satisfy him about the group, he looked over the group, and came to Sarzon finally and asked him his name, he told him he was Sarzon the Silver. Menandor seemed to be puzzled, he had never heard of the Wizard Sarzon the Silver, Sarzon looked at him and as he started to answer, Bartok cut in and said he was an apprentice and recently attained the rank of full Wizard, he is one of the most powerful Wizard in the three realms. That stopped all the conversations at the table, Bartok the Blue had just proclaimed that one of the most powerful wizards in the three realms was sitting at the table. They all knew or had heard of Bartok the Blue, considered by all, even his companions, to be the most powerful Wizard there was, but to have him proclaim that this young man was also one of the most powerful wizards, what a proclamation. The company of Bartok knew the truth of it, they had seen him during the tests and trials, and had heard how he had vanquished his own dark seed in the Well of Souls, they knew it wasn’t a boast, but the people of Menandor’s kingdom knew nothing of him and wanted a test to prove Bartok’s claim.
Sarzon was going to refuse, he was humble and didn’t want to impress people, he only wanted to help them. It was Bartok who said he would give them a demonstration after dinner that night. They were given quarters in the palace, all together, adjoining rooms, and they all refreshed themselves, bathed, and rested. The beds were nice, not as soft as the bed in the Oak House, but nice nonetheless. That night they dined, and Bartok had prepared Sarzon for the demonstration. He explained to Bartok he didn’t want a reputation, he became a Wizard to help people and to defeat the Dark Mages and Morcandon the Black. Bartok told him that part of being a wizard was not wanting a reputation but having to deal with people who wanted to see magic in action. So he told him what to do. Manipulate some magic, show some scenes in the countryside of the kingdom, and show them some tricks. Nothing more, and under no circumstances was he to show any of them anything that involved their futures. They would ask, but he must refuse. When asked why he must refuse, Bartok told him that was one of the ways that Dark Magic can trace them, only the people who had no clue as to the powers of Magic would ask to see the future. The future wasn’t written yet, choices made by people would change what they saw, but they had dark seeds in them and the vision would cause them to make choices to fulfill what they saw.
He agreed, it was best not to show any futures, how would he refuse them, wouldn’t they just ridicule him and say he had no real power if he couldn’t produce what they wanted to see, Bartok told him not to refuse them by saying he couldn’t, he could, he must stand for what’s right, as he did in the Well of Souls, and refuse them and show them instead something of value, something they wouldn’t forget. He must use his power to cause something to happen, he suggested he manipulate the weather, cause lightning to strike inside the audience chamber or make it rain or something that would scare them, and make them never ask him that question again. A certain amount of theatrics for the people.
Sarzon laughed, no wonder everyone was scared of Bartok the Blue, he had a wry sense of humor and though he had never used theatrics with Sarzon, suggesting he use it with these people was as good a way to teach them he was powerful and not to question him in the future. He was ready then. He had prepared himself, found the Magic source he would use so as not to drain every living thing around him, and by letting the spectators get a full head of drink in them, he could easily handle their requests.
When they asked him to demonstrate his abilities, he manipulated several things, and made them dance across the floor, then he turned stone into a clay vessel, and changed his form from young to old and wizened, then he asked for requests. They had asked different things, which he performed all of them, the one of the guest asked that question, and following Bartok’s suggestion, he transformed his visage by surrounding himself with light, and he told them that he wouldn’t show a future to anyone because they were all lies from the dark, and he made lighting flash from around his body and all across the room. They were scared of him, not for doing something evil or dark, but rather afraid because he had just manipulated the weather.
The result was his fame was spoken of in whispers, just as his mentor and friend Bartok the Blue was, and he realized that he hadn’t really demonstrated any real power, he had only shown them some simple Magic, some weather manipulations and manipulation of light, it had been Bartok who had clued him in on how to give a demonstration that would stop all questions about him, and spread his fame throughout the Kingdom and eventually into the Free Lands.
The next day they continued on their journey, they had come to the Kingdom and finished their business, now they needed to go to the Free Lands. The journey would take another week to reach the Free Lands and from there at least three months to get to Bartok’s Fortress in the Far North, it was on the edge of a bay where the seals and walrus’ came to feed. Orcas swam in the bay, and it was a beautiful, peaceful place that was his home. He knew what would be happening eventually, when Bartok decided to return to Benelvin permanently, he would become the Master of the Fortress. But that was far and long away. They needed to defeat The Dark Forces first.
Bartok was happy to have the kingdom behind him, the King was a good man, but he was devoid of Magic, and didn’t trust any who worked Magic at any level. He didn’t even have a court Magician. The rest of the journey was like the first leg of the journey. The week went by quickly and it was Sarzon who cast the spells to conceal their tracks and hide their passing. It was Bartok who suggested it, Sarzon realized that even though he had been conferred the rank of Wizard by the Council and allowed to leave Benelvin with the group, he still had a lot to learn. Bartok told him that he would spend the rest of his life learning, and if he came to a time when he had nothing left to learn, he would need to get an apprentice of his own to take his place and retire himself to Benelvin.
That was an odd statement, especially from Bartok. When he had an opportunity, he talked to Lazolon, he was known as Lazolon the Bright, he was a master at manipulating light, and he always seemed to be happy. He sang or played his pipes as they traveled, and at night he would play his lyre. He was about the same height as Sarzon and he had silver hair, and green eyes, and an elf’s happy features. His hair was pulled back and braided at the back of his head and framed his face on the sides, his pointed ears protruded from his hair, and his robe was green with the embroidered runes in place like all of the other robes. He carried a bow, one of Delvina’s, he had Dwarf made blades with protection runes, and he wore the boots of soft leather and soles the elves were famous for. All of them were dressed similarly. They all wore different colors, but the style was the same.
Bartok wore blue, Lazolon wore green, no one wore black, his own clothes were brown, and the others had different colors, shades of brown, green, blue, yellow, and grey. It wasn’t so important as they could change clothing and wear different colors, but that only if they were trying to go unnoticed. If they wanted to pass through undiscovered, they would carefully pack their weapons and staves, and put their robes away. But that was only if they could feel the presence of Dark Magic. They wanted to make the fortress before they had to fight.
The trip to Storm Haven had given Sarzon many questions that he wanted answers to. Who were the “Sons of God” the men referred to. How large were the Giants, and at least a hundred more questions; Bartok told him that once they left Benelvin that he would get the answers to his questions by the time they reached his fortress. He asked Bartok if he could answer some of his questions and Bartok deferred him to Lazolon. He had lived in Benelvin all his life, and would know more about them than anyone other than Delvina.
Lazolon was always eager to answer his questions. And when he asked him about the “Sons of God”, it was the first time he had ever seen a serious look come upon his face. He straightened himself in the saddle, and looked directly at Sarzon, and when he spoke it wasn’t from fear, but rather from awe.
The Sons of God are the Nephilim, they were angels before taking on corporeal bodies, which allowed them easy access to all of God’s creation. They were originally sent here to teach God’s creation, they released Magic into the world, taught the Dwarves how to smith metal and all the skills they have with metal and gems. They also taught them the art of mining, which is why their cities are all underground except in Green Haven.
They taught the elves and men how to manipulate magic and when they released Magic into the world, all of the elves and some of the men were able to manipulate it. They brought music, science, writing, and all the other skills we have today, but they weren’t supposed to stay. They found the women of Elves, Men and Dwarves attractive and were allowed to stay, their offspring are giants. Anywhere from nine feet tall to fifteen feet tall and they aren’t as intelligent as any of the three created races, but they are formidable opponents none the less. They are immensely strong, the can toss boulders and use trees as clubs, and are impervious to magic, they can be killed with a boar spear, but the strength it takes to pierce their skin is immense, and arrows are not effective at all. The Nephilim rarely leave their lands any more, and haven’t invaded into anyone’s lands in over seven hundred years.
He had answered all of the question Sarzon had. Except for one. He wanted to know if they were ever in league with the Black Necromancer or his Dark Mages. Lazolon deferred to Bartok, who told him that as far as he knew, that had never happened. They had released Magic, but never took part in any battles between the Light and the Darkness. They weren’t powerful enough to defeat the league of demons that were in the Southland. That was up to the Wizards and Sorcerers in the North it was why they had released Magic to start with. They also were responsible to keep the way barred to the Garden where Man was Created. God’s Garden was protected by an Angel with a flaming sword, and no one is allowed to enter the Garden.
When the Nephilim released Magic into the world, it changed men into the three races that were here. It had transformed the men who came into contact with Magic. The Dwarves and the Elves were the result of the influence of Magic on mankind, and once they transformed, they produced after their own kind. It wasn’t the plan, Magic was supposed to help men in their battle against the Fallen Ones, which it did, but it also formed the other two races in the process.
Men and Elves could control and manipulate Magic, and the dwarves were null, it had transformed them but it hadn’t made them Magicians, it had made them the crafters of magical implements. The swords, the protective metals, all of it. The runes they used on everything were Enochian, the language of Angels, but all of the races on Pangea spoke the same language. Adamian, the language that God had given to Adam on the day of Creation. What made the difference between Wizards and Sorcerers, and the people who couldn’t use magic, except for the Dwarves, was that all the manipulators of Magic had to learn to read, speak, and write in Enochian. It was the only language that made the spells work.
Some of this he had known, it was the first thing that Bartok had insisted he learn. He could use Magic; he was a natural born Wizard. All Wizards were born to naturally use magic without invoking Enochian, but it would leave them unprotected when they used their natural Magic. What they had to do was become Sorcerers, using spells and incantations that were spoken in Enochian, written in Enochian, and formed the runes of the Magic symbols they used to anchor their spells.
Sarzon was dumbfounded, he didn’t know any of this, he wasn’t sure why Bartok had insisted he learn the language, to read, write, and speak it, but now he did. He was one of those born with the ability to manipulate and use Magic. He hadn’t known the history of the Nephilim, Giants, Elves or Dwarves, he thought that God had created all of them, now he knew the whole story, and that this was just an overview, he still needed to know the details. The how, when, why, and where of all the information. He decided that he would speak to each, Lazolon, Threndonor the Dwarf, and Bartok so he could learn all they knew. It would keep him busy for the duration of the journey.
They all had something to teach him, and he could tell that this pleased Bartok, who was more than willing to tell him all he knew. He would be travelling for months and all of the members of the party had been more than willing to talk, teach, demonstrate and share with him any knowledge they had. Bartok it seemed had hand-picked the company, to help teach Sarzon what he needed to know. The Dwarves, Elves, and Men had all taken turns with him before they proceeded or at night, to spar with him with swords, staffs, and in martial arts. Bartok reminded him that they were weapons he could wield and should be used along with Magic.
He enjoyed the sparring. Each of the races possessed a different style in all of the ways of battle, and Bartok told him a good Wizard and Sorcerer would learn to use any and all of the styles to throw off his enemy and save a battle of pure Magic for last. It was more important than using it first because using tremendous amounts of Magic would drain him and leave him vulnerable. The others were teaching him how to fight in a Wizards duel. To start with the martial arts, combined with his staff, and never draw his sword unless he was absolutely sure his opponent was beaten. They would try to provoke him into drawing the sword to soon or resorting to Magic to soon, and both of those could get him killed. Wizards and Sorcerers could die as easily as anyone else, Dark Mages included, along with their vile creatures and the Demon Horde as well. The Fallen, they were different, if he came face to face with one of them, the best advice anyone had for him, including Bartok, was to run.
That was how they spent their morning and evenings. Once they entered the Free Lands, Bartok told him to release the enchantments he had placed on the horses, and he did. He wasn’t sure why, until the others told him there was no reason to hide their passing in the Free Lands, this is where he and Bartok lived, so their tracks wouldn’t be looked for. He saw the logic in it, and no longer held the magic in place over them. He did keep his shields up though, that was something he needed to do for all of their safety. The others had been doing the same.
Chapter 3
Bartok took the group along the edge of the river Pison, which would take them to his Fortress where it dumped into the sea in the north. they would have to travel for at least three months if they were to travel straight to the fortress, but Bartok wanted to see what had occurred in the Free Lands because of the trip to Benelvin. It didn’t take long to find out. Goblins had made a fortress in the northern mountain range, and they were dealing with Chimeras and Manticores. The Goblins were the result of what happened to a Dwarf when they were influenced by Dark Magic, and the forces of The Dark Mages. The evil beasts that had been released were also what happened to animals, insects, and birds when they were controlled by dark magic. Once they were changed, they were permanently changed and would reproduce after their own kind. There were so many of them that they were a constant danger to all. They were going to deal with the incursion of the Goblins and beasts before they went to the fortress. It would be good training for Sarzon.
There were other evil creatures and beings besides the ones they were going to contend with, and he would get a fuller education on them once they went to the fortress, but for now, they needed to hunt down and destroy the Chimeras and Manticores, and then take on the Goblins. Fortunately, they were travelling with a group of Dwarves, they would rout the Goblins, and they didn’t need Magic to do it, they were deadly combatants with their own weapons. Short swords, hammers, and axes was all they would need to deal with the Goblins, they would continue north with the group, split off when the others went after the Chimeras and Manticores, and meet up with them at the Fortress. They knew its location because of the work they did to replace the runes and restore the fortress with protection spells.
The runes alone weren’t enough to ward off evil, they also had to have enchantments attached to them, and that took Bartok to place them. Just reading the runes wouldn’t give you the answers needed to speak the enchantment to lower the door and enter. It required saying certain words in a certain order, in Enochian, to lower the gate. Only someone who had been taught the enchantment or created the enchantment could lower the door. It was Bartok’s last defense, and only a handful knew the words.
Bartok of course, Sarzon, Lazolon, Threndonor, and Delvina were the only five persons who knew the enchantment and Bartok had managed to keep that secret from getting out by using a forgetting enchantment that was triggered by not teaching them the final two phrases of the enchantment. It would give them a one-time entrance into the Fortress. He had only shared that on two occasions and once they departed his Fortress, they couldn’t reenter unless he invited them in.

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