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Infinities Gate – 5

Rising from the well, the six companions exited the gate and left the cellar. Taking the winding staircase back up to the manor proper, met by Lady McLeod and her husband, James, the six companions related the tale to their host. The adventure had taken four days in the realm of the Gods but a month had passed in the world of men.
Lady McLeod had been so worried by the prolonged absence that she began to believe that they had been killed. Once James had returned, she told him the secret of Castle McLeod. He immediately went to the well but was unable to open the portal. James had to wait for the return of the party. Upon their arrival, he questioned them about everything that had happened. Details repeated, and then he rose from the massive armchair he was sitting in, and a flash of light changed him immediately, it was Loki, God of mischief and he had tried to enter the realm of Mimir many times but were unable to gain access.
Once revealed, Lady McLeod reviled in disgust, it was horrible how she had been used by Loki as a pawn in the Game of Wotan. Loki wanted Gungnir for himself, to defeat Thor and destroy Asgard. Purely evil in his machinations, Loki had succeeded only in becoming even more hated.
It was only through the calming of Tamara that Lady McLeod finally regained her composure. Loki had vanished without a trace, and as the household regained its composure, Thor appeared, with Gungnir in his possession, and he was looking for Loki. He asked them, “Where is Loki?”
Tamara replied, “He was here, but left just before you arrived.”
“You must be on your guard now, Loki is in league with Wotan, but to gain possession of Gungnir only, he is crazed with the lust for power.”
James asked, “How was he able to fool everyone and hide his power from us?”
“He is most crafty and sly that one. You will do good to stay on your guard, he is able to assume almost any guise, even as Wotan if need be.”
They questioned Thor further as to why Wotan took Tamara and James, and his reply was odd, “Wotan seeks to unleash the Ice Dragons and start Ragnarok, but he needs something that only Tamara possesses, the Talisman of Semiramis, Queen of all Sorcerers. Do you have it in your possession?”
Tamara reached inside her blouse and produced the amulet. Thor did not touch it but only gazed at it. “A gift from my mother to Semiramis millennia ago. Forged in the same fires that produced Mjolnir, and made by the brothers as well.”
“Why does Wotan need this amulet Thor?” it was Tamara who asked.
“To open the gate that leads to Valhalla and gives him the ability to destroy Yggdrasil.”
Tamara feeling bold, asked Thor “You are a God Thor, how is it that we, mere mortals are this powerful and you need us?”
Looking directly at her, Thor spoke in a somber tone, “Tamara, we are not Gods, in the beginning, we were angels, sent by God to oversee the world of men, we broke our silent watch and gave gifts to men, and took their daughters for our own. We are the Nephilim, and when the flood came, God moved us into the world you just visited. We are not the only ones though, the Greek Pantheon are also Nephilim, and you have as yet to meet any of them, but they are alive and well.”
She was stunned into silence. What she had assumed were Gods was, in fact, Nephilim, and by the definition that was used, these were not the offspring of the angels and women, but the actual angels themselves. “Thor, if Wotan is an Angel as you are, then why is he trying to cause the world to be destroyed?”
“He isn’t, the legend you here is not true, and Mimir is the actual deciever, but I am sworn to protect Mankind, and this battle is between Mimir and Wotan, for the right to possess the Pool of Yggdrasil.”
Tamara was stunned, they had been misleading them. “Thor, what is at stake here, why do they both want to possess the pool?”
“Have you not read that from the Garden flowed four rivers? When the flood was done, the tree of life, Yggdrasil, was placed in that plane of existence along with all of the angels who had given gifts to men, and the chief of those is Mimir, but the Greeks knew him as Prometheus. When we saw the daughters of men, we sacrificed our spiritual bodies to have a physical body and to be with the daughters of men. Our God, the one who created us all, placed us on the earth to protect it until the time came for Him to reveal the Son to the world. The man became so wicked so fast, that the Almighty, separated out one man, Noah, to be the new father of mankind. There were eight who went into the Ark. The rest perished, the Holy line of Seth is the line of which men descend and through him, Adam.”
Tamara was silent, she had no idea of the actual history of the Gods of antiquity, yet here stood one, and he said that what she believed was as wrong as anything else. Tamara was about to ask Thor something else when Sif appeared in the same manner as Thor had. She had come to call the Thunder God to battle, Loki had gone from the manor to the Icefields in the north seeking the hiding place of the Ice Dragons.
Thor looked at them and said, “Tamara, no matter the cost, no matter the event, do not allow that talisman to fall into the hands of Wotan, he will kill you for it if he can. I must go and handle this attack then I will speak with Freyja, she is who had that made, and the Dwarves who live in Yggdrasil made it. Protect it all costs.” He vanished just as he had arrived, taking Sif with him.
The company of friends looked at one another and sat in stunned silence, they had met four Gods now and learned that none of them were Gods at all but Angels that lost their ability to travel to heaven because they had disobeyed God, but not rebelled as the followers of the Fallen One had. Given back their powers, but not the ability to return to heaven, and given physical bodies, that did not decay.


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