The Twins of Embrellon – XII

Chapter 11
Lantana had been working hard to make all the new things that they were capable of doing to work efficiently, they were spending time learning how to calm their minds, to sort out the voices, and separate the Free Skree from the Guardians. There was a subtle difference in the way they spoke. The bonded Skree were symbiotic with a humanoid and their voices were influenced by the bond, they sounded similar to the Guardian they bonded with. After some practice, they had gotten that skill down, and were faced with another new thing. They didn’t know what all the Guardians looked like, and they didn’t know the names of all the Scouts and Ranger Commanders, they had to wait for Jama to give them the list.
Once they had the list, and they began to recognize them on the link, it got much simpler for them. They worked at it day and night, her father had divided them into three shifts of four, with Lantana as their leader and on call as needed. They had worked things through until they had everything running smoothly, they checked hourly to see how close the Marn fleet was and how close the scout ships were, they were at least a week ahead of the main fleet, and her father wanted men in place as soon as they could determine the most likely place they would come down.
He wanted to take the ships out in flight, before they landed. It was easier to take out one target, rather than having to fight however many Marn manned the ship. The Seers kept an eye on the ships and Whitlaw told her when they were within a day of arriving, they would need to be on eleven hour shifts, and six to a shift, once the Marn had landed, and he knew they would, there would be no rest for them until they beat them back to the point of leaving Embrellon.
The Seers had the most important job, keeping track of the Rangers and Scouts, and identifying where the Marn would land. To work towards that end they had started checking in with the teams on a regular schedule. The total number of Guardians was just over one thousand. Not a large force, but as large as they could produce. The population of the planet was about ten thousand, not including the Free Skree or Vatarians. She had tried several times to get an idea of how many Free Skree were in the Homeland, but it was hard, unless they were speaking on the link she couldn’t get a reading, so far the Seers had identified approximately five hundred, but Regulus had told her there were fifteen prides, and depending on age, there should be at least fifteen hundred in the prides, and possibly as many as five hundred Solitaires. Solitaires were the Skree that hadn’t mated, and weren’t part of any pride. Most of them lived in the glacial mountains that surrounded the Homeland.
Regulon had the support of three full prides, and possibly two more, that number according to Regulus, would make the five hundred she had identified. He told her that the Solitaires wouldn’t get involved unless the Marn figured out where the Homeland was, and invaded it. They stayed uninvolved with the Prides, and would only come to the Pride Meets if they were under imminent threat. This renewed invasion by the Marn might be enough to get them involved, but that remained to be seen.
She had consulted with Yoran several times to get a better understanding of how the Seers Room amplified their abilities, and asked why their abilities worked better in the Seers Room than when they were outside of it. He told her it was the construction of the room and the shape of the orbs in the floor and ceiling and that when he made them the new diadems, amulets, and staffs, the shape is what produced the amplified abilities in the room. He told her that the amulets, diadems and staffs were designed to give them additional amplifications when they weren’t in the room.
Lantana was the head of the Seers because it seemed that of all the Seers, she had the most ability. The others abilities were amazing, but Lantana could speak to any Skree on the planet without the room. The other Seers had the first experience as she had, but unlike her, they could only hear the Skree or Guardians that they knew. They needed to be in the room to hear them all. The room gave them the ability to see off world, and that included Lantana.
She also wondered if there were other abilities that the Seers had that they didn’t know about or hadn’t shown itself yet. They had only allowed a limited number of Guardians in the Room, Yoran was the only null who had been in the room, and they got no reading from him at all. The Vatarians that lived in the community, couldn’t be read either. Yoran told her that to the best of his knowledge, all Vatarians were nulls. They had never shown any telepathic abilities, ever. Not on Embrellon, or on their homeworld.
The Marn that Jason and Shamira had captured were being held in rooms on the lowest level of the Temple, and so far, she had not had the opportunity to visit their cells. She knew there were ten Marn being held, and she wanted to find out if the Seers could somehow read them. She went to see Yoran. If anyone had an answer or could possibly answer the question it was him, after all, he had built the room.
She entered Yoran’s workshop and he was there working on something for her father and they were in a discussion about the project and didn’t notice she had entered. She walked up behind her father, and Yoran finally noticed her. He stopped mid-sentence and gestured to Whitlaw to turn around. They asked her how they could help her. “I wanted to know if you think that we Seers have the ability to read the Marn you have in custody.” That surprised Yoran. He had thought they might have the ability but hadn’t brought it up because he didn’t like giving Whitlaw false hope.
Whitlaw answered her, “There is one way to find out. We will bring the Marn to the Room, one at a time. How long to assemble all the Seers in the room?” she answered him, “I can have them ready in thirty minutes.” That was more than enough time. He said, “Go get ready, we will bring one to you in forty-five minutes.” She nodded her head and left to get prepared. Once she left the room, Yoran asked him, “I would like to be there, observing this process, I may be able to give some guidance, but I want to know how this goes.” Whitlaw agreed and they went into the cells and got Shagos and put a bag over his head and took him to the Seers Room. They didn’t want to give the Marn any opportunity to identify anything that they could use to help them escape and give that information to their superiors.
They brought Shagos into the room, closed the doors, and then removed the bag. He was stunned, he had no idea that the Guardians had anything that looked like this room. They had him sit in a chair near the center of the room. The Seers wanted to attempt to scan him, not talk to him, they had asked Whitlaw to ask him questions, and to see what happened. Lantana had an idea that if they could scan the Marn, it would show up just as they had seen the fleet coming, and the scout ships approaching.
Whitlaw began the interrogation, “How did you get separated from your squadron?” The Marn replied, “I already told your whelp how we got separated.” Whitlaw said, “Now tell me.” Shagos started and behind him, the whole scene appeared between the orbs, “We were looking for younglings to capture and take. We got separated during the fight, and when it was over, we got lost trying to find our way back.” Whitlaw then asked, “How many were in your party before you got separated?” he replied, “The usual ships compliment, twenty, we got separated, and we were taken captive.” The whole seen of Jason and Shamira taking them captive appeared, and they saw and heard everything that had happened. Including seeing Shamira draw her dagger, put it to his throat, and spit in his face. Shagos had no idea that they could see the whole scene playing out behind him until he heard what he had said to Shamira, and what Jason told him. Whitlaw made a mental note to have a talk with both of them when they came in off rotation.
They interrogated all the Marn captives, and each one added a piece of information to the puzzle. They also got images that were disturbing to all of them. Of what they did with the Skree they took, the captives they took, and a glimpse of what their world was like. Also, they noted that there were two distinctly different types of Marn. In all the battles they had always seen them as being grey, but in their memories that flashed up during the interrogations, they saw that there were Marn that were gold, and it seemed that the gold Marn were in charge. Whitlaw wondered what Skagos looked like. He asked one of the Marn who was in charge of the Fleet. He responded that it was Skagos, and when they saw him, they were shocked. He was a gold Marn, he had a patch over his left eye, and scars on his face and neck.
Whitlaw asked Shagos how Skagos had been injured and lost his eye. “He was mauled by one of your cursed beasts when he was young, he hates them beyond reason, he has sworn to wipe out your cursed race and every living thing on your ball of dirt.” Whitlaw understood vengeance, and the need for revenge, he had dealt with the rage he felt over the Marn destroying his ship and killing his crew. He wanted payback as well, but not the extermination of the whole race, just those who had destroyed his ship.
That had changed after he met Lara, when he had linked with Regulus, they both had a sincere hatred of the Marn invaders. Regulus, because he wanted to preserve his people, and Whitlaw because of the killing of his crew. He alone had survived, and he often wondered how things would have been if he had returned to Earth. He had made his peace with it, this was his home now, and he no longer considered himself and Earthling, but Brellon.
When they had finished the interrogations, he asked Lantana to contact Jason. He wanted to warn him of the impending invasion, and update the time frame. After that, he talked to all of the Ranger Leaders, and the rest of the Scouts. That done, he left Lantana and told her to keep working on the things they had discovered. Lantana had wanted to attempt some other things as well, and when they had finished their normal scanning, she asked all of the Seers to stay. She had an idea and she wanted to try it before she said anything else.
She had all of them concentrate on Shagos, they all knew what he looked like now, and what his mind felt like. What she wanted was to see if they could read them in the cells and find out if they were planning anything, especially an escape. It took them a while to figure out how to scan him, but when they did, she raised the alarm. She called Regulus and told him to warn Whitlaw, Shagos and the Marn captives were planning an escape and were going to try and overwhelm the guard when he brought them food.
Whitlaw immediately took a company of Temple Guards, and they separated the Marn. Placing each one in a separate room, with no way to speak to each other. Then he went back to Shagos’ cell and told him that they would be released once the Marn invasion was stopped. What he didn’t tell him was that he was going to send them to Regulon and the Free Skree to exile them to the north. Regulus spoke to him, “I have a better idea. One that will resolve this for us and we don’t have to wait. We will send them to the Southern Continent, where they can spend the rest of their miserable lives.”
No one had been to the continent since the Marn had released the weapon that wiped out the Companions. Whitlaw wanted to know how they were going to get them there. Regulus’ solution was easy. They would put them in a boat, and he would have four Rangers tow the boat within site of the shoreline. There they would release the boat and let the current take the boat in to shore. Whitlaw approved of the plan and decided that the assignment should go to Jason, Shamira, Jama, and Jana.
He asked Lantana to call them in, he had a special assignment for them and needed them back. Once Lantana had sent the message, Whitlaw went to see Yoran to help prepare a vessel for transport. He alone knew how they had gotten the sick Brellon to the Southern Continent, and it was important that these Marn have no way to return. Yoran gave him the answer. “James, have the Seers look at the Southern Continent and find out if there are any Brellon descendants there. They were very sick when they were sent out on the boat.”
Whitlaw asked the Seers to check, Lantana said they made no contact with any sentient beings on the continent. Yoran, said that he had an idea. Have the Guardians tow the boat to the continent; once the Marn were off the boat, then have them tow it back, or sink it. He would prefer they tow it back, if they sank it to close the Marn could repair the boat and return. That made sense to Whitlaw. He would tell Jason when they were ready to leave.
It took longer for Jason to return than he expected. Regulon told them that he had went to the cave and recruited Jason to help with the scout ship that had landed. They had wiped out all the Marn who had departed the ship, and the ship went back into orbit before they could do any damage to it. That was something he hadn’t want to happen. But didn’t change his mind about what to do with the Marn captives.
Until Jason and the other’s returned, he had the situation under control. He wanted to know where to expect the next landing, and since the Seers had been able to look into the Marn minds, he wondered if they could somehow do it with anyone on those scout ships. As hard as they tried, they couldn’t they were just too far away. They would have to work with the information they had.
Lantana continued to work on what the Seers could do. They could see into the mind of someone who was in the room, they could hear the conversations of people within the Temple, and they could contact any Guardian or Free Skree on the planet. They were constantly scanning and it was time for them to test their new abilities to the limit.
They had constant intel coming in from the Scouts and Rangers, her father knew everything that was going on. When she had talked to Jason last, they were escorting Risa home. They should be back the day after next. Her mother was excited it had been almost three years since she had seen Risa and she wanted to spend time with her. She had delivered her and Jason, and had been a fixture in their lives and home. She let Yoran know that Risa was coming and he was looking forward to seeing her.
She had discovered that they could look at any place on the planet with the exception of the Skree Homeland. There was something that blocked their sight. They could speak to the Skree there, but they couldn’t see through their eyes like they did with the Scouts and Rangers. It puzzled her and the only ones who possibly knew why would be Regulus or Yoran. She would never dare ask Regulon. She was comfortable enough talking with him, and when he wasn’t in the homeland, it was easy enough to see through his eyes.
When she asked Regulus about it he refused to answer. He wouldn’t even think about it. Yoran was no help either. Whatever the secret was, it would remain a secret. Even her father, who was linked to Regulus, was unable to see anything. Which surprised her. She could see anything Rhela saw, or knew about, but this was a closed off subject as far as she could tell.
The Seers had been working together for several weeks, and they had become stronger, and it was no longer necessary for all of them to be in the room to monitor the area around the planet. They had grown a lot. She felt that the abilities were like a muscle, the more you used it, the stronger it got, and they had learned that intensely concentrating didn’t make the abilities work better, it made the Seers tired faster and actually made them less effective.
She went to see Yoran to gain some understanding about the changes he had made to the diadems and the amulets they wore. Yoran had explained that the shape of stones was a big part of it, but she wanted more of an explanation. She felt that somewhere in his memories of the Companions there was a key to understanding how their abilities worked. She accepted her abilities, as did the others, but she had always been curious, and she wanted to know all she could learn about this.
Yoran told her that he had changed the stones to make them look like the Companion Seers, when he did he realized that the orbs would amplify the abilities, and that’s why they were in the rooms. The Companion Seers had been able to do many things, and Lantana and the others were just as capable, and had already demonstrated their ability to find the truth. He told her that she should learn to always take the staff with her. She told him it made her feel old. He laughed, and told her it was like a portable connection to the room. She hadn’t thought about it like that.
She had wanted to be a Guardian, linked as were her parents, she was so proud of Jason, he was all that she had wanted to be. She had learned all she could learn, and was good, but Jason was far more capable. She had become the First Seer, something only a handful of Guardians were able to do, and all of them together had made their world a safer place to live. They were facing the biggest test, the Marn had come in force, and the main fleet was about three days out. They didn’t want to be noticed. Her father had told her that when a large fleet like theirs approached a planet, if they dropped out of Hyperspace in the vicinity of the planet, everyone on the planet would be alerted. They didn’t know about the Seers, and were trying to approach the planet stealthily. This was the Guardians advantage, not weapons, not firepower, but they were aware of the Marn approach and had been given the time to prepare thanks to the Seers.
She felt small and insignificant at times. When in the room, she could see so much and she knew by touching the minds of others just how big the planet was. That made her feel small. Her mind could reach any part of the planet, at the speed of thought, even now, walking through a hallway, she could reach any individual or read anyone who was on the link and talk to them. She had several conversations with Jamar, she had known him all her life. He was five years older than she and Jason. He had been born before her Father had come to Embrellon, and was one of the first young people who had linked. He was one of the best of the Guardians, and had all the qualities she found attractive.
Jamar’s father had linked shortly after her father and Regulus, his mother was a null, and it had concerned Jama that Jamar might also be a null, but at the hatching, he had linked first. That settled things for Jama and he had worked hard to train his son to follow in his footsteps. Jamar was an exceptional swordsman, probably second only to her father. Her brother was behind them, and the best archer among the Guardians. It was always a comfort for her when she thought about them, her father, Jason, and Jamar. She felt foolish, she was only a girl of twenty and to be thinking like this distracted her from her duties. She put it away for now, there would plenty of time later to think on such things, they needed to be ready.
Yoran had mentioned that he wanted them to find out if they were just telepaths, she asked him what more could they be besides telepaths? He wanted to know if they had the ability to move objects by thinking about it. So far, that hadn’t been possible to do, what did he call it, telekinesis, he said that there was another mental ability called teleporting, but he had never known of anyone who could do either, it was something that he was curious about, Whitlaw had mentioned to him, once long ago, that there were species out in the Galaxy who could do such things, and Yoran had hoped that somehow that would be an ability that the Seers had as well.
She wasn’t hopeful, she felt that being able to see the whole planet, look into someone’s mind, know if they were hiding things, was all the advantage they needed. She knew how capable her father had made the Guardians. She knew how resilient they were, and she knew their hearts. They would fight to the last Guardian to protect this planet, and they had formed an alliance, for now, with the Free Skree. What her father had accomplished in less than twenty-five years was incredible. She knew that he and Yoran had even tried to build some kind of mechanical engine to power things but found that they had no way to create fuel. The engine design was good, but without fuel it was just scrap metal. She knew they had tried to capture Marn weapons and technology, but the lack of technology on Embrellon had made them useless. What they had was the Guardians, and now the Seers. It would have to do; they could win this. They had to win this, their very existence depended on it.
She returned to the Seers, she wanted an update, she was beginning to get the feel of Command, and even though she felt small and insignificant, she knew that this was her duty. She was a Guardian, and she was a Seer. They would triumph. They had to. She told all the Seers that from now on, they were to take their staffs with them. She wanted them to be in receive mode wherever they were at. Receiving was simple, they could control the flow of voices. What she wanted now was to be able to get information out at a moment’s notice. She didn’t want there to be any lag time between hearing the Guardians, and telling her father.
She was in the Seers room and they were scanning for Marn when she heard an unfamiliar voice come through the link. It was a Skree and he was in the far reaches of the Glacial fields. This was a Free Skree. She focused in on the voice, and asked for a report. The Skree, his name was Umbarro, told her that a Marn ship had come down north of his location. They were locked in the ice and he gave her a mental picture of the ship coming down, and when it landed, it sank into the ice. The Marn were trapped inside the ship, and he was keeping watch. She told her father about the ship, and he asked her to tell Regulon, and he would have Scouts and Rangers there shortly, Regulon sent twenty Skree and Whitlaw sent all the scouts in the area. The ship was west and north of Jason and Shamira and he told Regulon to take them with him.
Lantana kept a running dialog for what they were seeing. The Seers were working in shifts, and the reports were coming in. Jason asked Lantana to have her father send one of the ballista, the Marn were still in their ship, it was lodged in the ice. They were working to get the ship open and get out, but so far, they were still inside. The ballista arrived the next day with its operators. Jason had them train the ballista on the top section of the ship. Their ship had three torpedo shaped hulls, with a wing that the hulls were attached to. It seemed to land and take off vertically and whatever power source it used had melted the ice when it landed and the ice had frozen back over and trapped the ship. The two outer torpedo seemed to be the power source, and the central torpedo was where the Marn were trapped.
Jason called to them, and when he heard them respond, he told them that their ship was trapped in the ice, and they could choose. Surrender, and be taken captive, or they would destroy the ship with all that were inside. The Marn responded and said they would rather die than to be taken captive. Jason said they would oblige them. The Guardians withdrew back to what should have been a safe distance, and opened fire on the two outer torpedo’s, the ship exploded and the shock wave knocked the Guardians back. They were fortunate, some superficial burns and a few lacerations from the shrapnel, but for the most part they went unscathed. Jason sent a message to all of the Guardians that if they fired on Marn ships, either do it while the ship was in the air, or do it from the extreme range of the ballista.
Lantana had sent for her father and he was there when the Guardians had fired on the ship. He witnessed the explosion, and the ship was destroyed with all hands. He wanted a casualty report, and when Jason gave it to him, he was relieved. He hadn’t lost any men, but he had some injured. He told Jason to send the wounded to the Temple, and he had replacements on the way. Then he told Jason to come with the wounded and to bring Shamira with him. He had an assignment for them.
Jason made his farewells with Regulon and Umbarro, then he and Shamira headed for the bonding cave to escort Risa back. They had hoped that they would have time to visit with Risa and stay at the cave for a while longer, but duty had called and they were needed at the Temple. They got Risa packed and started out. It would take them close to a week to get back, they didn’t want anyone else to escort Risa, it was personal for Jason. He sent word to his father, and told him they would be in by the end of the week. It was a one-day trip by flight, but it would take a week to escort Risa, she knew a short cut, she had used it before, and after scouting the route, they agreed.
Lantana was busy, she hadn’t counted on the Marn ship getting trapped in the ice, and they had heard the screams of the Marn as they were dying inside the ship. It only lasted a few seconds but they had heard all the sounds and the explosion from inside and outside the ship. They were going to have to learn to filter this out or it would eventually cause them to stop scanning. They hadn’t expected to be able to hear the minds of the Marn on the ship, but it had happened. She called for Lara, she didn’t need her father’s resolve, she needed her mother’s help,
Lara came to the room and when she had entered, Lantana closed the door. All the Seers were there, and they all had been affected by the experience. Lara wasn’t sure how to help them, so she sat down and she listened to what they were saying. She asked Lantana how she had learned to shut down the voices after they had all experienced the flood of minds pouring into their heads. Lantana said they had first had to remove the diadems, allow their minds to calm, then when they put the diadems back on, they had purposely opened their minds slowly, Lara thought she knew how to handle this. She asked the Seers to have their Bond-Mates come into the room. When they were all settled and ready, Lara told them to replace the diadems, and when they had, she sent word to one of the Ranger patrols, and asked them to make as much noise on the link as possible, she wanted chaos.
Once the din of noise had raised to an almost deafening roar, she told the Seers to have their Bond-Mates filter the noise, it seemed that the deaths of the Marn hadn’t affected the Skree, just the Seers, and she wanted to use the Skree as a filter, so that the Seers only heard and saw what they chose to see and hear. That resolved the issue. Yoran had built the room with the couches for the Skree Bond-Mates to be in the room with the Seers, but the Seers had been operating without them. Lara told them that from this point forward, that they should always have their Bond-Mates in the room with them without exception. They would be ready for the next attack, and they would see if Lara’s suggestion was the answer. They didn’t have long to wait.
The Marn had witnessed the explosion and without intel, assumed the ship had crashed. They sent another ship down two days later, they wanted some sort of presence on the surface before Skagos arrived in orbit. This was his campaign, and they didn’t want to disappoint him. He hated the Skree. Wanted them all dead for the injury they had caused him. He considered them dumb animals, he had no idea they were sentient beings, and even if he did, the Marn had no respect for other peoples. They considered all of them inferior to Marn, with the exception of Whitlaw, him they hated more than the Skree. He had caused them so much grief that they had decided to wipe out every living being on the surface.
The weapon they had used to wipe out the Companions no longer existed, nor did the technology to recreate it. They had lost that over the last thousand years, they hadn’t had to contend with any people like the Companions on any other world, they usually conquered them by force. Kill the leaders, and the rest would fall. Embrellon had always been a thorn in their side though. They thought they had conquered the planet when they destroyed the Brellon, but the beasts had fought them relentlessly and nothing they had could affect them like the weapon that killed the Brellon.
Lantana and the others had gotten themselves pulled together and had continued their duties monitoring and looking for Marn ships to land. The day after the ship exploded was uneventful, no incursions. The on the second day, three ships descended from orbit, they had gotten the general location to the Rangers and before the first ship had touched down, they had taken it out with a ballista shot. It seemed that the side torpedoes were highly explosive. The ship was destroyed mid-air. The second ship was also destroyed but it had almost landed and some of the Rangers had gotten scorched. The third ship touched down and started deploying troops when the Rangers arrived and the scouts shortly behind them. They destroyed the ship with a ballista bolt, but they had a harrowing battle on the ground. Some of the troops survived the explosion, practically unscathed, and the battle was pitched. They were too far away from the Homeland for Regulon to assist them, but the Scouts and other Ranger patrols had arrived in time to assist. The Crossbows were devastating weapons. They had torn through the Marn armor like it was paper, and even though it didn’t kill them, they were so wounded that it didn’t take much to dispatch the remaining Marn.
The war had started and Whitlaw gave Yoran intel as to how the weapons performed, then he gathered up all but the Temple Guards. They would be heading into the field, he wanted them ready at a moment’s notice to be wherever they were needed. Lantana and the other’s had kept a running dialog with men in the field, Whitlaw, and any other’s they could. Regulon and his Free Skree were on the move and they numbered in excess of five hundred. They were as ready as they could be.
The three ship explosions hadn’t demoralized the Seers, having their Bond-Mates in the room to filter the Marn had worked. They also hadn’t been affected by the individual deaths of the Marn. They had felt a pang of discomfort at the injuries of the Guardians, so far, they had only gotten injured, no one had been killed, they didn’t know what would happen then, they prepared themselves as best as possible, they knew it was coming.
Lantana sent word to Whitlaw, the Marn fleet would be in orbit in twelve hours, Jason was still one day out from the Temple escorting Risa in, and Jamar had gone to take the place of Jason and Shamira. The war was here, and she hoped that they were ready for the invasion. There were twenty ships in the armada, she had given her father all the details she could, and when he came to the Seers Room, he wanted to see what they were up against. The ships still had the same design, with one ship being twice the size of the others. This was a command ship, and the other ships in the armada were the same size as the four they had destroyed. There was only one scout ship left in orbit. Whitlaw was concerned, he had no idea what kind of firepower that command ship carried. And earth cruiser that size would have phase cannons capable of hitting targets from space. They hadn’t seen any evidence of that type of weaponry from the scout ships, they relied on ground troops to carry out their attacks.
As he studied the ship, he asked the Seers to focus on the cruiser, he wanted as close a look at that ship as he could get. He had already realized that it was a scout ship that had taken out the Rapier. It seemed that the scout ships carried some sort of torpedoes that had been used to destroy his ship. If that was the extent of the cruisers weaponry, then they could destroy the torpedoes mid-air, and possibly exhaust her weapons. From the size of the cruiser, assuming that the outer hulls were the same as the scout ships, the engines were there. The center would be where all the weapons and crew were at.
The Seers were able to get him a detailed look at the hull, it was large enough and close enough to see the details. He saw gun ports, torpedo tubes, but no phase cannon arrays. That gave him hope for this battle. If they could demoralize Skagos men, or if he came planet side, and they captured or killed him, they would turn the battle. He already knew that this wouldn’t be the end of the aggression, the Marn captives had already shown him when they interrogated them, that certain Marn only wanted conquest and glory, and it was easy to get others to follow.cropped-logo2-1.jpg


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