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Getting a thought into a storyline

When setting down to write your story, you should have an idea of where you want to go with it. Some stories, seem to write themselves, other stories takes planning, outlining, etc…, but all of them come from a thought. The thought doesn’t usually take the form of a complete story, it begins as a thought. A picture could be the inspiration for your writing, something someone said, or an event that takes place in your life.

Once that thought has taken form, you have the basis for a story, a good storyline will engage your readers, make them think, feel, react, or invoke an emotional response. The style with which you write must be your own. No one can tell you from what perspective to tell the story. If the story is alive in your mind, then you can engage a reader by doing your best to relay to the reader what you see. Not all stories are of this type, and you should always write how you envision the storyline. It is after all, your story.

People will criticize your work, some good, some bad, some in-between. What matters is that you tell the story as you saw it. I write from the Omniscient Narrative, that is my “wheelhouse”, but it isn’t for everyone. Reader’s who enjoy fast-paced action stories, characters that are observed, their reactions, etc…, profit greatly from this perspective not all stories will. Find books you enjoy, ones you identify with, and base your writing style on what you like best. It will be easier for you to write from that perspective.

Enjoy your time in front of the Laptop screen, write what you enjoy, and make the story(ies) you write the best you can make them.


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