You’ve done all your pre-release work, and now what?

Before your book hits the market, i.e. for sale, you need to set up all your marketing avenues, get reviews, have beta readers read your work, at least ten people.  Then while it’s available for pre-order, get your reviews ready and post them to all your social media accounts and develop a following.

If you are not an SEO expert to help you get the recognition you need to promote your book where people can find you. I used WorldWid3Mark3eting ran by Mr. Joshua S. Dunn, he is amazing, but use the marketer who best suits your needs. Once you get that in place, you need to start blogging, blog about yourself, your writing process, chapters from your book. Anything you can do to promote yourself, you are winning. It isn’t something you put on auto-pilot, it takes work, but a good SEO person will be invaluable to you.

Post your book cover, write small blurbs from your book, post chapters, and if you are self-publishing, especially through, then make sure you get your reviewers to post to Goodreads, an affiliate of for authors. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, etc…., it is of the greatest importance that you develop a good following.

You also need a good website, I have two maid ones, and several others. The main ones are on and these are my two main websites. The rest are linked and back-linked to the two main sites. they are all connected the same as my social media accounts, what you want is to make one post that is going to post everywhere. takes some work, this is where you need your marketer and SEO manager, they will keep everything flowing.

This is today’s blogpost. I hope with all sincerity that everyone who is an aspiring writer, struggling writer, or seasoned writer, takes this information and uses it I wish you the best in your endeavor, and may God richly bless you.

John R. Moore, Bestselling Author

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