You have your manuscript, your done editing, you made your cover, now what is next?

Once you have completed designing your cover, getting the perfect picture for your book, edited your manuscript, and made sure you have it complete, you need to get at least 10 beta readers to read your book and give you a review you can post when you print, or place in your book somewhere, and then you have to decide, how do I publish this work.

Indie publishing is an awesome thing, but it does make you do all the marketing, just as a note, big publishing houses don’t market much for you either. You are really doing the work that a publishing house used to do. Now, it is on you to build a following and get people to read your book. With 750,000 million books released a year, how do you get noticed?

Social Media is your vehicle, get some press releases together, get some interviews, book reviews, and build a website and start blogging and posting. Each time you make contact, you make a friend, and have opportunity to promote your work, make sure you get good contacts on your social media, other authors, friends, students,… what ever you can get to promote your work. It is important


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