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You have a story in mind, now how do you get it written? Part 1

I’ve shared my personal story, first story I developed, and the first book I published. My intent was to inspire anyone who is an aspiring writer, to write your book. It doesn’t matter if it is a great story, good story, a biography, personal journey, poetry, or any other type of book. It is your story, say what you want to say, lead your readers on a journey and get them involved in your world.

When I wrote the first story, which has never been published except from here, I was inspired to try and write a bigger story. That became the Guardians of Embrellon, which is a four book series, and more to come at some time. then I published it and sold some copies got some nice comments, some real criticism,, but it did not deter me from writing.

Set down with pen and paper, your laptop, a typewriter, or any other means at your disposal and start writing, the first word will become a sentence, the sentence a paragraph, the paragraphs a page and eventually you will have a book. Once you have written the book, the real work begins. You now have to edit the book, and if you have good editing software, I use Grammarly, you can begin to turn your manuscript into a book.

Now, the hard work starts, edit your story all the way through. Then reread your story, make notes of what needs to be expanded upon or collapsed or possibly even taken out entirely. Once that is done, re-edit your work.

It normally takes me four edits to have a manuscript ready for print. Now you will notice in my earlier books that the editing wasn’t so great, I was learning, there is a steep learning curve, and I didn’t have anything to edit with other than Microsoft Word’s built in editor. Unless you are an experienced writer with an advanced degree in English and are a good editor, you will need good soft ware to edit your book.

Editing is a time consuming and sometimes gut wrenching process, you are cutting pieces of your story away, and attempting to keep it intact. Do not over-edit your book, you will lose the spirit of the story. Some things will be overlooked by readers if the story itself is worth reading.

Once the editing is done, you have the front and back covers to think about and the book blurb to advertise with, and the list grows, but before any of that can even be considered, you must write the story. Don’t be afraid of the editing, it will eventually make you a better writer. I write Sci-Fi Fantasy books, in the Omniscient Narrative form. Each writer is different. Don’t let someone talk you into changing your writing style, it is a part of you.

Once your story is finished, read it as a reader, not the writer, and see if reading it excites you as much as writing it did, from that point, the rest is history.

I will be talking about the entire book publishing process for the next several days. I will give you hints, helps, tips, and directions to follow once you have your story written. we are going to talk about book cover designs in Part II, so on and so forth, I will break it down for you into simple easy sections and you can refer to them as your are going through the process.

Thank you for reading today, and may God richly bless you in your endeavor to become a writer.




John R Moore

Best Selling Author, Blogger, and all around Book Worm


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