The Guardians of Embrellon – Finale

Chapter 13
Jatar watched the demonstration in reserved silence, then instead of calling for a volunteer, he took the staff himself, and formed the shield, and prepared to fire. He was by far the worst of all the Guardians at holding the shield and focusing the energy, something he didn’t spread abroad, if he could control it, then they all could. When he fired the bolt, he was surprised, his shield didn’t waiver, and the blast made a clean hole through solid rock. He was stunned into silence. This would turn the tide of the war. Now, they needed to see if they could do more than small precise holes, even though, he knew these would bring down Marn ships. As he tried to make the blast wider, it became less effective. A fine point beam would do. While inspecting the rod, he still had his shield raised and inadvertently fired the weapon, and while it could have been devastating, they learned that the weapon could be fired through the shield without affecting its potency, all they needed to work on then was erecting the shield wall as claimed in the text.
Then he had a stroke of genius. He decided to bring up his shield, and then focused the bean point, and instead of a small blast, he caused a continuous beam, and with the continuous beam, cut everything down in front of him for one hundred meters in a side swipe motion and cut a hundred-meter-wide path. They had found their answer.
After the weapon demonstration, he sent for Chrylos. Then, he took Jazar into a private chamber and closed the door. When he turned, he saw on Jazar face the questions and raising his hand stopped him from asking and began to speak, “Jaxar isn’t a traitor, I sent him on a mission, a mission to try and find out what the Marn objective on Embrellon is. I have never believed from the beginning that Tygos was here just to reclaim Catya. I believe there is something he wants on Embrellon, and is willing to destroy all life on Embrellon to get it. So far, your brother hasn’t led them to any Guardian base, camp, outpost, or any of our new Archives. He doesn’t know about Varna, Smyrna, or Lyros, and the only new bases he has knowledge of is the eastern base and the Academy.” When Jatar mentioned the eastern base, it brought Tambar’s words about the east to mind. He said,” Jatar, Tambar told me there is a continent to the east and south of our eastern base. It’s not an island, but he said to avoid it, the Skree do not go there, and we shouldn’t either.” With that, they turned their thoughts to planning a major battle with Tygos’ forces and try to force him to enter the battle himself.
Chrylos came to the chamber as soon as he arrived, Catya was with him as well as Cartan. They were excited, they had succeeded in not only getting the rangers trained, but had also gotten the troops trained to raise the shield wall. It was time. He opened the link, and signaled Jaxar. Jaxar responded and the plan went into motion. They would meet the Marn on the plain where Tygos had first landed. This time, the Guardians would be ready, and they had prepared a surprise for them as well.
The new staffs were passed out to all the Guardians, they put their armor on, and went to the plains, eight thousand Guardians were on the plain, just out of sight, no one on the link until the ships landed and Tygos’ troops marched onto the field of battle.
It didn’t take long for Tygos’ forces to land, and as Jatar had hoped, Tygos came in person to lead them. He wouldn’t be expecting Chrylos’ surprise, Catya was here and she was mounted on Zala. How would the Marn Warlord take his daughter being a Guardian? He also wanted to capture him to find out what he was after.
He had instructed the troops to take Tygos captive, his battle plan was to be decisive and quick. They were to use their staffs, and cut his forces in half, demoralizing them. As they prepared, the Marn forces assembled. They used a standard battle array, their troops were in squadrons, neatly uniform and almost parade ready. Their arms were at the ready, and they deployed. The Guardians, who held their place waited patiently for the troops to get into battle positions. Once they were assembled, Tygos came to inspect his troops and to give them a speech, as the Guardians listened, they were awed, Tygos was a very charismatic speaker. The Guardians could understand why the Marn followed him blindly, then from behind Tygos, a form appeared, it was Jazar and he was mounted on Zelan, in Guardian armor, carrying his sword. It struck all the Guardians deep in their hearts, one of their own had betrayed them. It pained Jatar to let them think this true, but he needed to maintain the ruse for a little while longer. He passed word to all Guardians that Jazar was not to be harmed in any way, and neither was Zelan.
Tygos spoke to his troops, “Fellow Marn, today, we end this. Today, we conquer this world with its creatures, and take for ourselves the secret of their power. We will overcome them, utterly destroy them, and none shall oppose our dominion of this backwater world. We will take back our Princess, and destroy all those who have kept her from us. Today, we receive our due reward, for these so-called Guardians are about to witness the awesome power of the Marn Empire, and learn to submit before their masters and rulers. Today, we conquer Embrellon, its time is over!” the Marn cheered.
They turned and ready for battle, and all the Marn stood motionless. Standing before them was Catya mounted on Zala, it was a shock for the Marn. She was dressed in her armor, sword at the ready, and in the instant the sight hit Tygos, the Guardians brought up the shield, and the Marn fired. The shield absorbed the blasts from the Marn weapons, and the Guardians with their new staffs, cut the Marn in half. Their troops fell where they stood, and in the blink of an eye, they numbers dropped from six thousand to three thousand and Tygos stared in disbelief.
What kind of weapon did the Guardians possess that just cut his troops in half? Then Jatar came forward, shield up, and addressed Tygos. “Today Tygos, you have seen what we can do to your forces, surrender now, and come to terms with us, or no Marn will leave this planet.” Tygos stood there in disbelief, he was enraged, how could they have hidden this kind of weapon from him, kept him in the dark, he had one of theirs in his camp, he would destroy all of them, to the last man. He turned to fire on Jaxar, and Zelan pounced. They were ready for him, he was pinned to the ground with five-hundred kilos of Skree sitting on him, he didn’t move.
Jatar and the Guardians disarmed the Marn, and Catya came up and looked her father in his scarred face, and said, “You will leave Embrellon, you will take all of your men, your dead, your ships, and your weapons. You will leave and you will never return. I am dead to you as far as your concerned, and I never want to see you again.” Tygos, for the first time in his life, knew defeat, and worse, the defeat was at the hand of his own daughter. He looked her in the eyes, and knew she meant every word she said. He also knew, that if he returned to this world, that she would be the one to kill him. With his head bowed in defeat and a heavy heart, he spoke to her and her people. “People of Embrellon, I, Tygos, Warlord of Marn will depart your world never to return. No Marn will ever come to your world again. When I leave, your world will be removed from our star maps, and the name removed from all Marn records. We will leave you in peace, and your world will no longer be in danger from the Marn. I, Tygos, Warlord of Marn, give you my solemn oath.”
Catya breathed a sigh of relief, and she watched Tygos gather his remaining troops, gather their dead, and reenter their ships. They were cautious, one thing they didn’t want was a repeat of the tragedy that had made a desolation of Varna for millennia, and caused the Great Exodus. As the Marn ships left, Jaxar had an odd smile on his face, he looked at the assembly of Guardians, and announced to them all that he had learned about their self-destruct devices and had disarmed the master control. There wouldn’t be a repeat of the last time the Marn left their world. When the Marn ships entered space, there was a great cheer from all the Guardians, and the linked opened up worldwide. All Embrellon knew that the Marn had been defeated and driven from their world.
Jatar, turned to all assembled, and announced to all of them that Jaxar, under his orders, had surrendered to Tygos, to spy out what he could find out. He also informed them that he had found out how to disable the weapon that the Marn used to destroy Varna, and had given them the time they needed to defeat Tygos and the Marn.
Now that the Marn aggression was stopped, and peace had come to Embrellon, Jatar would lead the peoples of Embrellon in discovering the secrets of their world with the help of the Free Skree, they would create a better world. The Guardians would remain. This world of theirs would always need protection. The Guardians would be ready.


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