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The Guardians of Embrellon – XVII

Chrylos now began to seek the quiet place, and realized that when he was first learning how to communicate on the link as a cadet, Gryton had told him the same thing. Maybe, that was the secret, the process never changed, the people did. As a cadet, he had to learn how to calm his mind to use the link, as was with all cadets, this wasn’t any different, just a different application. He calmed himself, found his inner peace, then he formed the shield and looked at it not as something made just of energy, but that the energy had form, and was strong like his armor. He told Cartan, to start where they left off, fire the beam at half width, when he did, the shield held, and Chrylos’ arm didn’t hurt. He told Cartan to narrow the beam again, half width of what he just fired, the shield held, and even though it hit hard, his arm was fine. This time he told Cartan to fire a full power pinpoint beam right at his heart. Cartan fired, the shield held, but it the power of the beam knocked Chrylos back about three meters. They were amazed, the shield held, and his arm was buzzing, but he wasn’t dead. At least they now knew where and how to start the training, and that the shields would hold.
Jatar was excited, as well as concerned, Chrylos and Cartan were the two best Guardians at using the shields and energy bolts. He really need them to train a core of men, at least one hundred, so that they in turn could go and train others. How much time they had, no one knew, but it wouldn’t be long before the return of Tygos, and time was a luxury they didn’t have. He made the only decision he could, Chrylos and Cartan would have to train the others, and he would give command of the Rangers to Ranger Third, his own son, Jazar. That grieved him, he didn’t want his son to die, but what other choice did he have. Jazar, a man in his own right, a Ranger now for ten years, veteran of at least twenty battles, was the choice.
Jazar received the news with mixed feelings. He was honored his father chose him. He respected him, he also respected Chrylos even more, the man had changed the future of all Embrellon and given them all a chance. He looked up to him, and was honored to a part of his men. But command had transferred to him. He hoped to honor his father, not disappoint Chrylos, and most importantly not dishonor himself. He always felt that he wasn’t of comparison to his father, one of the Greatest Rangers, and leader of the High Council, former head of all the Guardian forces, an honor he hoped to achieve on his own merits someday, and now, he was in charge of the Rangers who could hold the shield and fire the energy blast, he had one hundred men in his command, and they were the first line of defense for the planet. He had to make sure Chrylos and Cartan had time to train the men to hold a shield, while the other troops learned to control the energy blasts with precision. He wasn’t sure who had the more difficult job, but they both would do the jobs given with all they had to give.
Chrylos and Cartan were also concerned, not about Jazar, they had complete confidence in his ability to lead the Rangers. They were concerned that there wouldn’t be enough time to train the Guardians and face the Marn. That was their duty, get these Guardians trained, with a force large enough to face Tygos and his horde. They had to depend on one hundred Rangers, trained to use the shields and energy blasts, to stave off an invasion long enough to give them time to train the Guardian forces.
Before Jazar was to leave with the Rangers, Chrylos asked Jatar if they could have a meeting, there were things he needed to discuss with Jazar, and wanted Cartan and Jatar in the meeting. Jatar didn’t know what Chrylos wanted, but it was plain he was up to something, and it had to be important, or he wouldn’t have asked for Cartan, Jazar, and himself to be in the meeting. He had also asked that their bond mates be there. Which was odd, because you couldn’t hide anything from your bond mate, and they didn’t have to be in the room to know what was said, they could listen via the link. Then it struck Jatar, he didn’t want what he had to say on the link.
When they were all together in a room fully inlaid with tanzite, it would prevent anyone on the outside from hearing via the link, Chrylos looked at them and releasing a long breath, he began, “Cartan and I are tasked with training the men to either raise the shield, or use the energy blast. That as a task seems simple. What I really need to do though, is to train a squadron of men to raise the protective barrier spoken of in the record left behind in the room inside Lantana’s tomb. I can’t help but believe that there are more secrets in the tomb, and we just didn’t find them. I believe that my first task though, should be to train another group of Rangers that can manipulate the energy blast with the shield up.” There were a few moments of silence, and he continued on, “I believe that if Jazar handles this assignment the way I’m about to suggest, he will give us more time to train the Guardians, it comes with a price though, men are going to lose their lives in the process and that is something no leader is ever prepared for. Jazar, I have complete confidence in you as a leader, and I know you will do all that is expected of you, this assignment is more important than you think. I need time, and I need you to give me that time. You have to make Tygos’ forces chase you all over Embrellon, and I need several months to accomplish the task that Jatar has given Cartan and I.” It struck Jazar how sincere Chrylos was, he meant he what he said. This would be his hardest assignment ever. Chrylos continued, “When Catya and I were in the Homeland, we were shown many things, some, we gave our word to Tambar to keep secret, others I can freely share. Jazar, when you’re on this assignment, if you need help before I can get a relief force trained, try to find or contact Tambar, he will come to your aid when you need it most.”
Jazar had a look of astonishment on his face, Tambar he thought, the Pride leader of the Free Skree, Protector of the Homeland, and Honored member of the Great Council, a position given him by Joktar, his paternal Grandfather. He had some questions and now was as good a time as any to ask. “Chrylos” he said, “I need to know some things before I leave on this assignment, and I believe that you and Gryton are the only ones who can answer them. I need to know the location of Lantana’s Tomb, and I need to know where Whitlaw’s Cave is at. I may need to hide my men at times, and I know that those two places could provide the needed cover.” Chrylos looked at him and said “I can give you the exact location of the tomb, but I don’t know of anyone who knows the location of Whitlaw’s cave, no one has been there in six hundred years.” Everyone had a general idea of where it was located, in the northern end of the plains, but exactly where, no one knew.
Then, Jatar spoke, “Jazar, you have a hard task before you. I’m sending you on this mission because I believe that you are more than capable to carry out the mission. I’m also going to make sure that Chrylos and Cartan have the men trained to send to you. When it’s time, they will meet you at Lantana’s Tomb. Do not go to the Tomb until I contact you and tell you the men are there waiting. I would rather not risk Tygos finding the Tomb, and possibly destroying it, or worse, finding some secret yet to be discovered that would turn this war around.” He turned to Chrylos and said, “I have something for you to do as well, the first training is the relief or additional forces to send to Jazar, and those should come from the Academy. Once you have sorted out who can join Jazar, then I need you to take as many men as you can, and train the shield force, and the blast force, but, I believe the shield force to be more important. All of us can raise the shield easily enough, we need that combined shield the tomb spoke of, and with that being the case, I want you and Cartan to go to Lantana’s tomb and see what you can find to help you train the force to raise the shield wall.” Then he dismissed them and sent them to carry out their missions.



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