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Infinities Gate – Chapter 1

Tamara Jenkins, Sorcerer
Book Two


Infinities Gate


John R Moore
Tamara Jenkins, Ph.D. an Archeology Professor had found the greatest treasure in the world inside a cave after completing an archeological expedition to northern Montana. Looking for Native American Artifacts for her Doctoral Thesis, she found a doorway to a surreal and fantastic world she knew should not exist.
She becomes the most powerful Sorcerer in history, and Champion for the Practitioners of the Arcane Arts. She leads a Group of Sorcerers, Knights, Watchers, and Shamans against the Dark Forces of Magic led by Clyde Barnwell, the Black Magus. A powerful Warlock bent on destroying Tamara and her Allies.
Controlling the Dark Forces, Barnwell commands the legions of Strigoi, Nosferatu, Shape Shifters, Witches, and other dark entities thought to be myths and legends.
Tamara Jenkins and James McKenzie disappear into a swirling Vortex above Stonehenge during the Winter Solstice. Caladan begins a search leading down a dark trail through the legendarium of the British Isles and the Scottish Highlands seeking a mystical place that interlocks time, space, magic, and reality. “INFINITIES GATE” has to remain closed. If he fails to find it, Chaos will be unleashed, and All Will Be Lost.



James and Tamara McKenzie, on their Honeymoon in the Salisbury Plains in England, visit Stonehenge on the Winter Solstice. Their status as Professors at the University of Montana, accommodated them with special seating, inside Stonehenge as the Solstice began. At the Equinox, a bright blue glow engulfed the entire hill. Above the monument, a vortex opened and sucked them into its eye. When the light faded, they were gone.
The Authorities notified Caladan and Trudy Jorgensen as the next of kin and emergency contacts. When they arrived, the authorities described the strange glow and disappearance. Sebastian and Helena Maximov joined them a day later.
The four of them began searching for answers. They had visited every place the couple went or stayed. They searched their rooms nothing seemed to be out of order. Trudy found a strange object in Tamara’s makeup bag. An odd white disk, roughly four inches across, the infinity symbol in a single continuous row marked the edge, a Celtic design in the middle.
Sebastian looks at the disk then realized to get the answer to the riddle they needed to seek out someone in the UK who was an expert in The Ancient History of the British Isles. He had someone specific in mind. He spoke to the others about the Professor at Cambridge and told them that even though he was a scholar, he accepted the reality of Sorcerers. They made travel arrangements, packed the belongings of James and Tamara, and went to the train station. No reason to draw attention to themselves by using magic unless they had no other options.
They traveled to Cambridge and looked up the Professor. Caladan and Trudy were surprised when they met him. He was close to seventy, with bushy white eyebrows, stooped shoulders, had been a tall man, well over six feet, bright blue eyes, and gray hair with just a hint of the red it had once been. The Professor had chalk dust on his jacket and was smoking a pipe when they came into his office. He was one of the oldest academics on campus, considered an expert in the field of ancient British religions, and had led several expeditions to Stonehenge when he was still under sixty. His name, Professor Angus Argyle, from Edinburgh originally. He had a thick Scottish accent and was quite the man of letters, attested to by degrees hanging on his office wall.
He greeted Sebastian fondly, “Sebastian, my boy, what brings you to Cambridge this time?”
Sebastian smiled, and rather than speaking, he offered up the disk. Argyle took the object, and picking up a magnifying lens, he studied it, whistling with excitement as he studied. Argyle kept looking at them, looking up at Sebastian, and back to the disk. Setting the lens down, Professor Argyle rocked back in his desk chair, pursed his lips, and placed his interlocked fingers to his nose and lips. With closed eyes, he asked Sebastian to explain where he got the disk.
“Our friends were at Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice. According to Authorities, a blue glow formed over Stonehenge at the Equinox, when the light dissipated, they were missing. We found this in their rooms at Salisbury, hidden in a makeup bag. When I examined it, I suggested we come here. You know what this is Professor?”
“I am afraid that I do my boy. You and your companions should take a seat, this is going to seem strange and otherworldly to you.”
They took the offered seats and waited for the explanation. “Three thousand years ago, when Stonehenge was still in use as a place of worship, a group of mystics came to Britannia. They were relatively unknown as a religion. Their religion closely resembled the druids and eventually, they joined them. However, this is not Celtic or Druidic, this is Pict, the symbol on edge is actually the symbol for infinity, and the center design is the symbol for the “Gate.” This represents the Infinity Gate. A very ancient and dangerous thing that was supposedly hidden by Syrfrid to protect it from the Romans.”
“Can you tell us where it is supposed to be located?” Caladan asked.
“A mystery for the ages. I guessed when Syrfrid fled into the Scottish Highlands he took the answer with him or at least the key. I would tell you to start looking on the Isle of Skye. Then follow the trail as you find it.”
Why would an ancient go to Skye to hide from the Roman tyranny and take something called the Infinity Gate, or at least the key to it, and go there; what was the connection? Caladan filled with questions would have to wait for answers. They needed to get a boat now to the Isle of Skye and figure out where to look.
“Professor?” Sebastian said, “We need clues to point us in the right direction,” He thought about the question and said, “Go to Dunvegan and start there.“ Sebastian thanked Argyle. They left the University and went to their hotel. They needed to get more information on the Infinity Gate, Picts, and the Isle of Skye before heading off to find the gate. Once in their rooms, Caladan opened, a portal and went to the Ranch accompanied by Sebastian
. Byron and Samantha were there keeping watch. When they arrived back early, it set everyone’s alarms off. Especially the Berserkers and Yuri. When Caladan told everyone what had happened, Barnwell was the first name to pop-up. However, Caladan put that to rest. Barnwell wanted to destroy James and take Tamara for himself, then unleash Chaos. Caladan needed information from the records in the Vault. He was the guardian for seven hundred years he knew where to look.
He consulted the records there on the Pict peoples of the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. He found a vague reference to something called “Annfeidredd Giat.” According to the text, it was a conduit between the spirit and the physical worlds and the Ancients Shamans used it to commune with their Gods. The reference in the book pointed to the phrase, “The Gate is found on the Isle of Wings, Asnundr; Father of all calls us north, through the gate, we must go, to reach the All-Father and be home.” Sebastian was reading over his shoulder and realized what the reference meant.
“I think I know what we are looking for Caladan,” he turned to Sebastian and with a wrinkled brow, “go on,” he said, “I think this is a reference to Asgard.”
Asgard, why had Asgard slipped by him?
“If we are looking for an entrance then it should be near the sea, no? A cave or some kind of stonework leading to a secret place.” Sebastian agreed.
“Then Dunvegan would be a good place to start it is on the coast, and we need to find some runes or drawings left by the Pict so that we can match this symbol. I wish that Angus had been more help, but he does that, answers a question with another one to make you use your brain, the Professor in him I guess.” Caladan let go of a tightly held breath and relaxed, at least they had a place to start now.
They packed for the trip and left. It would be a unique journey, seeing these ancient places. Caladan was anxious to be on the way, and waiting for the boat was making him edgy, he knew the answer was going to be as shocking as the need to keep the Ice Dragons asleep to prevent Chaos’ release and stopping Barnwell. The Ancient Gods had returned seeking vengeance on the people who no longer worshiped them. The Sorcerers and Watchers would have their hands full this time, they had only dealt with a disembodied spirit, this was something entirely different, and they had no idea what would happen next.
Caladan had reviewed everything in the vault on the Isle of Skye. He concluded that what they were looking for was the entrance to the Bifrost the bridge from Midgard to Asgard. It did not fit with Infinities Gate it would have to be a doorway to something never ending. Realizing that they had some clues hidden within clues, Caladan started looking for something else in the Vault that would lead to the ultimate answer. If the Bifrost would take them to Asgard what they were looking for had to go beyond Yggdrasil, the World Tree that connected all the realms together according to Norse Legendarium. He figured out where they needed to go; now he needed to know how to get there. The Bifrost connected Midgard and Asgard; but what connected all of them to the tree?
Sebastian seemed to know the answer. The tree connected the Well of Life to the Heavens where Wotan, the Chief of all Norse Gods lived. The Legendarium says that when the time comes for the world to end, Wotan will break a branch off the tree and ̈ will come, Yggdrasil will die and become firewood in Valhalla and the world as we know it will end. What they had to find on the Isle of Skye was the way to the Gate. They had to keep Wotan from breaking Yggdrasil and unleashing Ragnarök. The gate opened the way to the tree and through it, to Valhalla.
They had stepped into the middle of a battle of Gods and how were mere mortal Sorcerers supposed to stop a God, let alone the Chief God of all the Norse Gods, Wotan. This was going to test the limits of their abilities far beyond anything that Clyde Barnwell had done. There was a dragon in the World Tree, and if he were loosed, the Ice Dragons would break free, and Chaos would be unleashed.
This did not explain what happened to Tamara and James, but it connected in some way. The disk they found, the clues to the Isle of Skye, Infinities Gate, and now, Yggdrasil, a dragon, and preventing Ragnarök from happening. The Norse Gods were still alive and they would be facing the most powerful of all of them, Wotan.


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