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stars_logoBest selling author, well how do you know he is not?

Now that screenwriters are contacting John R Moore about his latest book Bloodlines

    He just may very well be the best selling author and blogger right now, yes everyone’s glory fades but it is true some do last longer than other or start later than some. Whatever the case may be it sure is looking like John R Moore’s latest book “Bloodlines” (moore r john)  is becoming the latest hottest thing that is happening in the sci-fantasy genre of books and now soon to be movies.


With movies in sights and maybe the next Harry Potter craze,  this author and his books could do something we haven’t seen in a long time. The books are written in a way that anyone could read them and they appeal to all age levels of reading. With that said the books being appealing to whatever level of reading one is on, there is no depth lost in the plot, the story line is full of adventure, action, thrilling characters to follow and amazing worlds to see.  I would dare to say most fantasy books have some bad language at least but the books John R Moore writes do not have any obscenity without losing any excitement or depth within all the way through all of his series from front to back.  You will not find yourself bored in any of the books in John R Moore’s sci-fantasy series and that is why screen writers are now seeking out John R Moore and his professional

best selling books skills he has critiqued and fine tuned giving his audience something on the level of Star Wars to jump into.

If you are into sci-fi, sci-fantasy, any type of fantasy I urge you to check these books out and see for yourself how magnificent the characters are while they pull on your heart strings and experience for your self the twisting bounding story line woven through different worlds and universes for you pleasure and also learning experience.  These books are proven to relieve stress and with low stress rates and your imagination being triggered because of the writing of John R Moore which actually puts you in another realm and gives you a chance to be away and not part of any stress of this world. Are there stressful situations in the book series John has written you ask, yes there are but they are written in other times and other universes and your mind is being used in a different way your mind is being opened up by reading these books and allowing your self to be part of these words which are alive gives you new life. Your mind opens up during the process of reading these books and frees you of much stress you picked up along the way.  You see, John never wanted to publish any books  he started writing for himself and for his own mind and heart. These books are really special books, they have been blessed and will be a blessing in your life as well.  There is no greed in these books as most are free on Kindle free downloads.  There is no behind the pen of these books and there is no descrimination, the author himself was injured with a broken back and destined to a wheel chair but God has other plans in Jesus Christ Name.  John R Moore walks and a wheelchair is not his destiny.  These books are not evil, these books are special and carry something special with them. Don’t ask because you will not find out by words you must enter own your own and truly want to see in order to be able to understand what it is, what is happening, go get yours and see for yourself.


You will never know until you see for your self but let us all remember John R Moore is the next thing smokin when it comes to fantasy and Star Wars and yes I am going to say it even Harry Potter. Links will be provided below for blogs websites and purchases, thank you so much for taking the time to join us and have a read.  We do welcome your comments as long as they are positive and encouraging to one another.  Do not forget to get your copy of the latest book “Bloodlines” and or all the complete series John R Moore has already put out for us under his truly one of a kind writing skills.

Bloodlines and other books of John R Moore for purchase

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    1. it was the purpose for the way I write actually and the stories I create. I got my first book at the age of 10, A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, I currently own the complete series in hardback and when I sat down to write, I decided that if I was able to read that book at 10, then I wanted my books picked up and read by anyone without them having to worry about content.

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