The Guardians of Embrellon – VI

The expeditions were scheduled and Chrylos and Jatar, led the expeditions, which gave them time to talk, plan, and develop ideas on how to make everything work between them. Chrylos said that Jatar should be the senior commander, overseeing all of the bases, with a base commander for each base, especially if they were able to establish the two new bases. Fortunately for them, both islands had sufficient tanzite deposits, and two large concentrations on each island that allowed them to establish the new bases. Each island also had a small harbor with deep bays large enough to accommodate even the largest ships on Embrellon. With this they went to the Great Council, brought their findings, and Chrylos, with Jatar’s support, brought his plan to the council. It was decided that Jatar would become the Senior Commander and three new base commanders were choses from the ranks of the Senior Ranger Commanders, all were mated and ready to command.
It was a new day on Embrellon, where there was one group of Guardians, now there were four bases, Varna, Smyrna, Lyros, and The Great Temple. Smyrna and Lyros could comfortably support five hundred Rangers each and ten mated leaders, each of the bases would also have a contingency of younger seers, that would help them all stay connected through the link. It didn’t take long to get the bases ready, the techniques that they learned from the secret rooms gave them the ability to complete the two new bases, and update the Great Temple, in a matter of a few months. They had an abundance of Rangers to staff the new bases, they had been sending ranger parties out for decades and they called them all back in to assign them to the new bases. They were as ready as they could be for any invasion that the Marn might bring, all they had to do was stay vigilant. They also noted that all the mated females of bearing age became pregnant and when they had clutched, they had forty females and one hundred and twenty male eggs at each of the smaller bases, and one hundred female and three hundred male eggs at Varna and the Great Temple, and they would have to find candidates for the clutches. Almost one thousand new Skree all due to hatch within a week of each other. Finding over a thousand candidates in the time the eggs took to mature was a challenge, but, with the new techniques that they learned about, and with the help of the Skree, by the time the first clutch was ready they had the candidates.
When the hatchings started, everyone was shocked, there were four color patterns hatched in each litter, males and females of each color. There was the tawny with black stripes, blacks with silver stripes, whites with gold stripes, and red with black stripes. They had no idea how it happened, but the Skree had brought forth all the colors that the Skree had once had, and with the new group of cadets, they had full compliments for all the bases, and replacements for the older ones who would retire from service soon.
One of the things that Jatar and Quilan wanted, was to establish one more base, a training base, where all the cadets would go and would be trained by the Guardians that were no longer able to perform the duties required because of their age or injuries, he also wanted the Seers to start a school and begin training a regiment of Seers for each base, a full thirteen at all bases. The Cadets at the end of their basic training would then be transferred to one of the four bases for advanced training with Rangers, and be prepared for their duties. The new base would require sending Ranger expeditions in all directions from the Temple to scout locations for the new base. They avoided the area where the unlinked Skree lived, they didn’t want to intrude and they wanted to keep them as allies.
One of the expeditions found a large formation of tanzite 2200 kilometers southeast of the Temple and there was a harbor near enough to make it workable. Another expedition found a large formation about 2500 kilometers northeast of the Temple. Once all the expeditions reported and a full council convened, it was decided to build at both sites, the one in the southeast would be the training/retirement base, and the one in the northeast would be a full base with a compliment of one thousand Rangers, Commanders, and Seers. When completed the whole of Embrellon would be prepared for anything, they would have protection from all directions and this would prepare them for the future.
Jatar wanted to build one more thing, and hoped to be able to see it completed during his lifetime. He had always thought that somewhere on Embrellon they needed to build a facility to educate the people who weren’t Guardians, create a Great Archive, and to preserve all knowledge on Embrellon. He had never brought it up to the Great Council, but he knew that this would be the one thing that everyone, Skree and Humanoid alike, would benefit from. He had learned over the years that even though the Skree couldn’t read books, or write, the could not only transmit and share knowledge, but that their history and teachings should be preserved as well. But before any of that could be done, the Marn threat had to be removed. Jatar decided that he wasn’t going to wait, he felt so passionately about creating the Library, that he addressed the Great Council and shared not only his vision, but his desire to preserve the knowledge of Embrellon for the greater good of all its inhabitants.
The Great Council granted him an audience at his request. He came with as much passion as he could, and he brought Quilan to represent the Skree. He addressed the Great Council “Esteemed Elders, in the past the Companions created a great archive on Varna, and we have learned so much from the records they left. Knowledge shouldn’t be lost, we have the means to preserve the knowledge, and we should share the knowledge with all the peoples of Embrellon. We should make sure that future generations never have to relearn what we learned before we found the archives, and it is our duty, our obligation, our responsibility, to preserve all we know, and add to it as we continue to grow and learn. We need to establish a great library, train individuals to maintain it, and create a school or schools of learning for all to use to make our society stable, and continue its growth. It should be available to all who live on our planet, and to establish guilds to help preserve crafts, medicine, and skills for all of our society.” It was so quiet you could hear them breath.
Joktar raised his hand and addressed the Council, “My fellow elders, for ages we have stored knowledge, protected it as sacred, we have statues here of past leaders, Skree and Humanoid. It is time that this knowledge be shared with all we live to protect. Jatar has shared his passion with us. He has showed his understanding of the power of knowledge, and creating a Great Archive, Guild Halls, Schools of learning, and teaching the art of healing and medicine would enhance and better the lives of all Embrellon. I say that we should vote to do this. I also want us to consider adding a school for Seers as well. Are there any here who would like to add or argue for or against this, or can we go straight to a vote?’ he asked. No one said anything, and he said “then we should vote”, he called for the vote and all, Skree and humanoid, voted for them to create all as stated. It was going to be a great undertaking, and the council brought all the craftsman, healers, and teachers together in the largest gathering in history, and announced that they would be forming Guilds for everything and would begin the task of preserving and teaching their crafts.
Each craftsman, healer, and teacher then voted for there to be a leader for each of their particular craft. At the end of the day, they had set up the Guilds Halls, Healer Hall, Education Hall, and each of them took on part of the tasks needed to complete the building of bases, libraries, teaching facilities, and places that would best suit the needs of each craft to grow. The Guilds established that day were Smith Craft, Leather Craft, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Hall, Healer Hall, Masonry Hall, Jeweler Hall, Armorer Hall, Woodcraft Hall, Science Hall, Mining Hall, Archivists, Teachers and University, Seers Academy, Guardian Academy, Skree Institute, and Naval Academy.
In the short time since the rediscovery of Varna and all it held, the whole of Embrellon had changed. With the change came new hope and a new vision of all Embrellon could become. One of the greatest things that happened was that the humanoids decided that even with all their diversity from the refugees that had come and created the new race of humanoids, they chose to reclaim the name of the original inhabitants that had been wiped out by the Marn, the Brellon.
The Building of the Craft halls, Archives, the new Academies, the Institute, and University, would take time, but the peoples of Embrellon were moving forward. In just a few short months, most of the work was done. The buildings were built, and staffs were being chosen to man the halls, those that would be Master craftsman would lead each guild instructing the journeymen and beginners, and each Guild was given Archivists to record all that happened in each Guild.
One thing given great consideration and training in was the Skree. It was decided that every aspect of anatomy, diet, medicine, social structure, and any other aspect of the Skree should be chronicled. There was a lot of information in the Varna Archives, and with the Skree Institute being one of the first Guilds built, copies of the Varna Archives were made and brought there along with a full complement of linked and unlinked Skree, Healers, and teachers and students. The thing that surprised most of them was that in the process of locating a site to build the Academy, Tegar, Zanda, Josan, Lokar, Jamtar, Zembar, Regon, Rismam, Darno, Detan, Daktar, Tregon, Torga, Tubar, and Tambar came to the Great Council and requested that the Skree Academy be built where they lived and for the first time in history, Brellons would be allowed to go to the Skree homeland, and see the Skree in their natural state, and learn about their society. Life had changed for all.
One thing that hadn’t changed though, was the need for Rangers to be on duty, and with six bases to send Rangers out from, the burden of protecting the planet had just gotten easier. This was the ultimate duty of the Guardians, and with all the changes, they weren’t just protecting the Brellon from the invaders, but all life on Embrellon was now being protected. It had truly become a society that even Whitlaw would be proud of. He gave them the basic structure they needed, even though it was militaristic in form, it wasn’t in function, and now, six hundred years later, it was to become what he’d envisioned.


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