Progress update, Infinities Gate

Finally got back to the manuscript, about 6000 words into it now, and wow, this story is going to blow your mind when I finish it. Couldn’t be happier about this. I wasn’t stuck, or had writer’s block, had to devote some time to my personal needs and take care of some things, that required a couple weeks of time to finish it up, but it feels great to be back into the world of Tamara Jenkins.

Keep in mind, this is probably the most unique storyline of its kind, with the mixture of mythology, magic, sorcerery and wizards, good vs. evil, and all the great things you have come to expect from my books. This adventure will keep you up late trying to finish the chapter or the book.

it is always great to see my fans reaction to the stories I have written, I wouldn’t be doing it if no one wanted to read them.20170720_165926 Part of the hard two weeks was getting to the dentist and getting my smile fixed. looking forward to sharing with you as well via youtube soon, we are setting up the channel to make live and recorded readings from past books, will announce it soon.

Remember, keep reading, share a book with your kids, give them a chance to fire up there imaginations, and most of all, let them soar. Their only confined by the heights of their imaginations.

John R Moore, Author, Blogger, Book Geek, Father, Grandfather, and most of all, Christian Author.



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