Your Spiritual Space


           Lost In Reality Found In Space

      Only to know where you are is only a dream to some and to others it is the only spec of hope they can grasp on to.

      Being lost within reality is not where is want to be but to be found in space and seem lost in reality, now that’s a different conversation all together.  Where is your reality?  Are you lost and don’t know your way, is your reality false?  Is your reality fading away as your grasp on the space around you is slipping.  What is reality better yet, what is your reality and does it fit into truth space and time?  Are you where you actually think you are and are you living the life you are supposed to be living?  Are you living a lie?  Are you living the life you are supposed to be living amid the truth and those around you are lost?  Where are you?

      Are you happy in your truth and is your truth going to hold up in space?  Is your truth reality and does the space that your timeline takes up affect others in a negative or positive way?  Where do you get your truth and how does it define you, is there negative or positive space around your timeline when the test of time comes upon your reality of truth.

      You see, if the truth that you say is you does not hold up in the time and fabric of space then it is not truth and therefore can not be reality.  If your reality in the physical is not what the truth is of your mental image of reality how can that be true?  Even in order to live in a truth that does not fit your reality does not mean that your truth is invalid, as long as it holds up in the fabric and time of space.  The inter beings very existence of truth is unchangeable so if there is a truth in your fabric and it is actually true then your very existence  will be which is the truth in you will be woven into the fabric of time and space because the truth can not be taken away it is and will be but if you have not any truth in you then there is no thread sown in to the time and fabric of space.
      Where are you? Where are you in time and are you truth? Do you exist in reality are you found in space will you last, do you know where you are and where you are going?  Are you somewhere now and do you have a humble heart, if you are lost and not knowing where you are and your heart is not humble, I would ask myself is there any truth in me?  If you are not lost and your heart is not humble I would ask myself is there any truth in me.  Don’t be lost in space and found in reality, make sure your engraved into the tables of time and fabric of truth.

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