The Omega Gambit, VI & VII

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Thank You, and here’s yesterday and todays portions of “The Omega Gambit”.

These were the most vicious humanoids they had ever met. They wore the teeth of vanquished foes on their chest plates and went everywhere in full armor, and armed to the teeth. They carried hook shaped swords, phase pistols, and the oddest looking pulse rifles they had ever seen. They were huge, had three barrels, and when they fired, all three barrels fired simultaneously. This was a race bred for war and conquest. They would kill or take any they found and they were quite impressed with themselves.
The ships of the Planuvius were also heavily armed; they had rail guns as well as phase cannons and plasma torpedoes. The rail guns were used in a planetary atmosphere; they were useless in space. Their ships were capable of atmospheric deployment as well as interplanetary travel; the alliance relied on shuttles and fighters for any planetary reconnaissance, and were not equipped with any weapons besides plasma torpedoes that could be fired in a planet’s atmosphere. This race was not going to join their alliance, go peacefully, or allow them to go peacefully, they wanted conquest, and were prepared to fight for it.
Facing this type of antagonist was always hard. Every culture in the alliance had their time of conquest and violence. Earth’s was during her history prior to achieving interstellar travel. By the time they had developed hyper-drive technology, they had worldwide peace for two hundred years. The other races had similar histories, or had come to peace once they travelled beyond their own systems. However, the Planuvius were bent on conquest, not because they had depleted their planetary resources, but because that was their nature and the alliance would find out later on that these were not the only civilizations bent on conquest.
The alliance knew that with this new threat, they would need to reorganize their forces and add to their military forces. The Space Marines would now include every race in the Alliance. They had enough tech knowhow to convert the majority of their ships to battleships and keep the exploratory force within safe space. They were gearing up for another war. This time though, they had allies and all the members of the Alliance were threatened. Not just Earth’s ships.
They recalled all the experienced Captains, Commanders, and Admiralty to Bellatrix, Epsilon Nine was secure as a base and it was to remain the hub of the exploratory force, and were to avoid the sectors of space where they had run INS with the Planuvius. This was going to slow the growth of the Alliance to a crawl. The Vegans had pulled out most of their people when the Alliance was faced with a huge military campaign and no way to avoid it. The Vegans returned to Vega, and resumed their role of building engines and electronics as well as shield technology, they had not left the Alliance, and they just refused to fight in this war. The Vasarion’s had researched how to make a nova bomb and not fry their own electronics and ships computers, this they added to the Alliances’ arsenal of weapons.
The retooling of the nova bomb had required them to build a specialized torpedo casing that would carry the bomb into a hostile force far enough from the ship that launched it to not knock out the ship. They had also lowered the power of the blast by half, which made it more stable to use. It still generated the Nova Wave, and once deployed a ship had to stay at a safe distance from the area affected, but they were now able to bring their guns to bear on enemy ships and destroy them once they deployed the Nova Bomb. It was not a literal bomb. What it did was create an EMP wave that would knock out any ships electronics within half a parsec. That gave the ship firing the device a safety from being dead in the water, and able to bring her phase cannons and plasma torpedoes to bear effectively.
These were last resort weapons, every Alliance ship had at least twenty of them on board, and unless triggered internally, they would not detonate the Nova Wave. The Alliance had also fitted all their fighters with rail guns, they realized that this fighting was going to involve planet side battles as well as space battles, and they now had three different size fighters, and had replaced their exploratory shuttles with the fighters. They had one man, two man, and six man ships. Each was fitted with rail guns, phase cannons, and the two larger ships carried torpedoes. All the ships were equipped with jammers, and cloaking technology, and they all had Hyper-Drives. The refitted ships had the new hyper-drive engines the Vegans supplied. They called them Star-Drives, because the power source was the same technology as used to build the Nova Bombs, but applied in the form of a power source that would allow the ships equipped with them to travel ten times faster than the old Hyper-Drive. That did not make the Hyper-Drive obsolete; it was the most effective for a battle ship or fighter. The Hyper-Drive used a matter/anti-matter reactor that provided propulsion, a controlled nuclear explosion. The Star-Drive employed nuclear fusion and harnessed the power of a star inside the chamber or reactor and it provides the propulsion. The difference is like comparing a bomb to the power of the sun.
Both require a chain reaction to provide power, and both can be deadly. The difference is the new Star-Drive uses Cold Fusion, whereas the Hyper-Drive uses hot fission. The cold fusion the Vegans use shouldn’t be confused with the twentieth century experiments on Earth that were unable to be substantiated and ended up in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. This was the harnessing of power, by fusing two elements together, but the energy release was relatively safe, meaning it would not irradiate a lifeform or cause them to burn. It provided propulsion in a controlled way, that when combined with the shield technology developed, would actually propel the vessel at speeds far beyond the speed of light. The Hyper-Drive propulsion system could propel a vehicle in space five times the speed of light, this new Star-Drive, was a Hyper-Drive to the tenth power, without the heat and radiation factors.
The new engines, the Nova Torpedoes, the railguns and the other technological upgrades, had made the ships a force to be reckoned with, all bent on one goal, to stop the Planuvius from their aggression and conquest of Alliance space. They met the Planuvius on their first battlefield near Delta, and the battle lasted for days. It had involved at least fifty ships from both sides, and the deployment of the Nova Torpedoes was not used because the ships were too close and they did not want to disrupt the Delta quadrant and cause irreparable harm to Delta itself. The Nova Torpedoes needed to be used in the areas between systems where no planet could suffer the consequences.
They fought in and on every planet but Delta itself. The Planuvius did not want to destroy Delta in the process of conquering it; they wanted the resources it held, and the people as slaves. Using the Nova Torpedoes so close to an inhabited world, or to near a solar system could cause irreparable planet wide destruction, and in the past when used in the original form, had caused the sun in a solar system to go supernova and that was how the weapon got named. No one wanted to destroy a solar system, much less shatter a planet that put the use of the weapons into unoccupied space or between systems where the shock wave wouldn’t reach any planet, inhabited or not.
The Planuvius also employed disruptors as ships weapons as well as side arms. Disruptors in comparison to phase pistols, cannons, pulse rifles, and plasma weapons would disrupt what they hit at a cellular level, turning a living organism into a lifeless ball of jelly, or turn the hull of ships into dust exposing the interior and crew to open space. Fortunately, the new shield technology was more than capable of absorbing a disruptor blast, and the use of disruptor weapons, had caused the Alliance to ask the Vegan Consortium to make shields for the Space Marine Exo-Suits. This was problematic; the ships shields used either the Star-Drive or Plasma engines to power the shields. This would require the Vegans to create a shield generator small enough and light enough to be integrated into the suits, and still be effective against disruptor fire. The Vegans told them they were working on the problem, but until then, try not to be shot by a disruptor. It became an ongoing joke. The only way to face a Planuvius with a disruptor was from within the safety of a shielded ship. It did not settle well with the Space Marines, they depended on their Exo-Suits when they needed to be on the ground fighting, and they could not face the Planuvius until they could get shields into their suits. Not a great feeling for a marine.
It took almost a year for the Vega engineers to figure out the shields for the Exo-Suits. By the time, they had the add-ins done. Then installed them for every ship in the Alliance, it had taken another year. However, they had the suits and the shields worked better than they hoped. They tested the shields by shooting them with captured disruptors until they were sure the shields would hold, and then they tested them on the shields with a marine in the suit. It was rather scary for the marine to take a voluntary hit from a disruptor, considering if the shields didn’t hold, they would be standing there either naked, or dead. One of the additions to the shields that the Vegans had sent was a unique article of clothing that all the marines needed to wear when in the Exo-Suits. It was a full bodysuit, skin tight but breathable, of specialized undergarments that covered everything but the face. It had contact disks on the surface and they explained that the shields required a high output energy source and the undergarment was to protect the body of the marine from energy spikes or bleed over from the power units. They did not need it on their faces because of the face shield of the Exo-Suit, but the rest of their body did.
It didn’t take a lot of convincing to get the marines to wear the suit, one time in the suits without the undergarment and when the shield generator was switch on, the current running over their skin made them want to get out of the suit and put on the undergarments. Other than that, the shields had proven more than effective. They had even taken shots from pulse rifles, phase pistols, railguns, and plasma grenades, all without any harm. The marines were pleased.
The Alliance forces had come face to face with the Planuvius at Draco, and when they engaged, they wound up on the surface of the planet. There were mid-air dogfights, ground force battles, and battles in space above the planet. The new suits the marines had held up better than they hoped. The shields had given them the protection they needed. They had rail guns on the fighter ships. Taking the Planuvius to task, the only weapon that they did not use was swords. The Marines and Alliance forces were using their weapons, and the odd hook shaped blades the Planuvius carried were seemingly for show, until they got into close quarters combat, the blades could cut through the Exo-Suits, and Marines were losing arms, legs, and heads. The shields were designed to stop energy weapons, not metal blades. The Marines needed something to combat the blades or the needed to stay far enough back to use their phase pistols and pulse rifles. This was a quandary, since they did not practice sword fighting any longer, and only a few of the officers indulged in fencing as a sport.
The war continue on, the Planuvius were hell bent on galactic domination, and would take any world they could as they ventured further and further into Alliance space. It was going badly, they had made some innovations in technology, advanced engines, weapons designs, cloak technology, but they still had no way to halt the Planuvius incursions. They fought them in space, on planetary operations, and even attempted on more than one occasion to foster some sort of peace initiative but the Planuvius refused. They consider offers of peace to be a weakness, and with their demeanor, weakness was to be exploited.
The Alliance was at wits end, they needed a different tactic and soon. Fighting them ship by ship or planet by planet was a huge drain on resources. To have come so far in less than two decades and to find themselves in this place of having their backs against the wall, was creating despondency and acts of attrition. Some of the Marauders had taken over ships and were once again looting, they were better equipped now, and had ships that were far superior to what they had when the Alliance had brought their aggression to a halt. With them fighting inside Alliance space, and the Planuvius on their borders, they had few choices but to come up with ship killers of some kind to halt the invasion and restore peace within.
Sean Regis was now a Captain, he was on a Sol Class Dreadnaught, one of the newest ships, the armaments were incredible, as well as having six Star-Drives, eight plasma engines, three hundred plasma cannons and torpedo launchers, as well as one-thousand fighters, it was the deadliest ship ever built. It had rail guns, and was capable of atmospheric incursions and had a new shield design that would cloak the ship far better than the old light bending cloak technology. This cloak even masked the ion trail from the plasma engines, and the weapons could be fired in hyperspace. Something that they had not been able to do before. All previous ships had to drop from hyperspace to engage their weapons. Not the Mauru, it was the ultimate battle ship, capable of going into a battle at hyper-speed, and firing all of her weapons, as well as launching her fighters.
The Planuvius had no ships to compare, and the Alliance was building one-hundred more Sol Class Dreadnaughts, the ships could turn the tide of the war, if they could get more ships into the fray. The older class dreadnaughts were still effective, and their weaponry outclassed the Planuvius, but the necessity of dropping from hyperspace to fire their weapons left them sitting targets at times. All exploration had virtually stopped. They had to focus on bringing the Marauders back into the Alliance and stop the Planuvius.
Sean Regis had taken the initiative with the Mauru. He stayed cloaked and followed the Planuvius back to one of their bases, once he was sure he had gone undetected, he dropped a Nova Bomb on the base, and backing away out of the radius of the Nova Wave, and he opened fire on the base. He shelled the base with plasma torpedoes until there was nothing left moving on the surface, he had taken out the ships in orbit of the station, and had effectively cleared the area around the base. They had no Intel as to how many bases the Planuvius had, how many planets they occupied, and until the other ships were launched from space dock, they had to keep the Mauru on the go. Regis knew that he needed to buy the Alliance as much time as he could, and kept his ship cloaked for over two years. They had systematically destroyed every outpost they found, and every ship near each outpost. It seemed like an endless mission. They had already taken out thirty bases, and at least one thousand ships. Yet the Planuvius kept coming.
He knew once they had a fleet of ships like the Mauru, they could strike for the center of Planuvius territory taking out every base they came upon as they went. He just needed a communique from Alliance Command informing him that the Armada was prepared to proceed. It finally came and he made all speed into Bellatrix, and there met up with the fleet of new ships. It was a thing of beauty to him, one hundred ships that were equipped and armed identically to the Mauru. He had shared the star charts and trajectory they had been on when they received the Communique to return to Bellatrix. Admiral Seanon was in command of the fleet and Mendelsohn had been given command of one of the new ships. They set out for the last vector that Regis had engaged the Planuvius and they went at full speed to the destination.
The battle plan was to drop from hyper-space with all one hundred ships uncloaked, this was going to be a show of force, and they were going to open fire with everything they had and keep going forward, dropping in and out of hyper-space, cloaking and uncloaking until they reached the center of the Planuvius Empire. Then they were going to spearhead a drive that would take all of them in different directions simultaneously while annihilating the Planuvius forces. It was a bold plan, with great merit. They had come prepared for a full-scale invasion. Behind them were as many of the Roku class destroyers as could keep up.
Once they entered Planuvius space, they were in for a straight up battle. Regis incursion into their space had them on high alert, and once the armada entered their space they began firing on the fleet. The ships new shields held up under the barrage of fire, but if they launched fighter craft, it would be a different fight altogether. They needed to keep them at bay, and use the arsenal of weapons they had. Regis fired a Nova Torpedo into the midst of the ships and the Alliance ships were far enough back that the wave did not catch them. From that point forward, they were firing on the ships with everything they had. They discovered that rail guns were extremely effective on ships disabled by a Nova Torpedo. Without shields, the rounds from the rail guns would tear through the hull of the Planuvius ships and they would implode on impact. The ships were drifting in all directions. One of the things that had changed was their original battle plan wasn’t going to work, they needed to take the armada through to the center of Planuvius space, they would need to hold off using any more Nova Torpedoes until they arrived at the Planuvius homeworld. This was going to be genocide if they could not get them to agree to peace.
They had learned a hard lesson during the Archon war; some civilizations would die before entering into peaceful coexistence. They all hoped this was not the case, but it was an eventuality they would have to contend with. The Planuvius may prefer death to peace. Their way of life was centered on conquest and personal battle prowess that rarely opened the door for peace.
They had travelled almost to the heart of the Planuvius Empire; they had destroyed bases and outposts all along the path and had left hundreds of ships as derelicts drifting in space. They had fought them to a complete standstill, and they still would not agree to peace. They had neared Omega, and prepared to unleash a barrage of Nova Bombs on Planuvius Prime. Their Supreme Commander hailed them. He wanted to talk, and he wanted his people to survive, he had the reports of all the destruction in the wake of the Alliance Armada, and they were prepared to leave nothing living in Planuvius Space, when they got the hail. They wanted a peace conference, and they were willing to sit down and talk.
It was a surprising move to the Alliance, especially when they had already had to end the entire race of the Archon because they would not end the war. The Planuvius seemed genuine, but they were hard to read. Maybe it was the tusks, or the fact that emotion did not seem to show on their faces unless it was harsh emotions like hate, battle lust, or any emotion that was along those lines. If they were going to negotiate peace, it would not be easy; no one in the Alliance would accept a peace treaty where the Planuvius had weapons. They had already proven that they would use them.
They had agreed to a peace treaty, the Planuvius had agreed to lay down their weapons, join the Alliance, and to cease all hostilities towards any members of the Alliance. Sean Regis’ Gambit had paid off, with the threat of complete annihilation and the extinction of their race, the Planuvius had decided that it was better to be part of the Alliance, than to come to a bloody end. Omega was now a member of the Alliance, and the Planuvius would be joining the Academies and crew ships alongside of three-hundred races that worked for peace, prosperity, and the common good of everyone.




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