When Reading How Do You Read?

Reading Habits and Needs

Where are you when you read? Will you read anywhere , or do you need things set up a certain way before you can dig in? Do you want the book, does it need to be a paperback, or a hardback? Are you a kindle person? Do you want to flip thru what you are reading with your finger or do you want to feel the texture of the pages?reading-nook

  Do you enjoy the feel and smell of an old book or maybe a new book?ebook-kindleWith a genuine book you don’t have to worry about battery power and glare on the screen.  Yes you could throw the kindle or a book in your pack, they are both fairly convenient and when it comes to water the kindle could probably be protected now days if dropped in water and the book if not saved in time would be destroyed fairly easy.  Now another extreme example is that you need a book for study or work or even pleasure but it’s huge so you download it to the kindle or read online. 

      Wow! Times have changed some for the good and some for the worse. I personally feel as if people in this world in general are more disconnected from human interaction and affection and emotion. I actually believe this is a fact and is easy to prove. I enjoy a great read with a real book depending on what it is that I am reading and where I am and what I am or have been doing. I also enjoy the kindle for ease of use and access to so much, I would say I am 50/50 on the use and enjoyment of genuine original books and electronic devices. They both have their uses and downfalls but they both are needed. 

      Most all records and data of any sort is going to electronic storage if not already there. Times have changed and reading material is a wide array of subjects ranging from things you would share and some you would run from. So how do you read and where do you get your habits of reading from? How often do you read and do you read long stories, fact, and fiction, blurbs, blogs, newspapers? Let us know how you get your reading done.



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