The Omega Gambit

   Do you blink? Do you Breath? What do you do when your caught up in this epic war of the worlds is it real are you there? Why is your heart racing why are you griping the seat edge? Could this book author really have written a book that my mind is racing, could my imagination be this active and deep and I didn’t know it, what , well I just can’t explain it. You will have to see for yourself. This is not your normal book, this is not your normal series of books nor is this your normal run of the mill author. The books written by John R Moore are real and exciting best selling Amazon books. They are never boring and they are so colorful with descriptions and the writers own imagination that every page is another adventure that you can’t tell if you have stepped out of reality or into realityThe excitement builds but never ends the journey begins but never completes you always want more because you want to be around the characters you want to experience one more day one more hour in the book in the adventure! The books John R Moore has written are truly eye opening and soul searching books all by way of science fantasy. It is what the books envoke and how they make you think about what is written that matters, they cause your heart and mind to be involved and you do not want to fail in daily life or this world while during or after reading these books, they make you want to dig in and fight for what you believe in, they give you life in a way that I can not explain, there is something more to these books that you will have to find out for yourself.


Guest Blogger

Mr. Dunn



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