Maryya Dean Interview

Interview Q&A


1. You are living in your latest novel, where are you living and what is it like? I am living in London, it’s a busy town, with busy people, busy lifestyle. No one has time for anyone, relationships are affected, and distances are created, living a lonely life.
2. You are your most recent Protagonist, what do you like doing for fun, and what do you hate doing and why? I like to spend time with my children and go on vacation, travel to Sherwood Forest and take part in outdoor activities, sit by the camp fire toasting marshmallows and enjoying them with my children.
I’d hate to travel on busy trains when they’re packet out during rush hour and find myself sandwiched between strange people whom I’ve never met before.
As an Author
1. Where do you get your ideas? From everyday life, I am a realist, without a shadow of a doubt.
2. What motivates you to write? A topic, that will move me generally turns to poetry and from their I build on a character and so forth, although I’ve only written an autobiography I have started working on bits and bobs, hence why I was able to answer this question.
3. How many hours a week do you spend writing? Anything between 15-20 hours. In between being a full time mother, being a wife I am a writer.
4. Best thing about writing. Writing takes you to a place of the unknown, one day you’ll be cruising on the beach of the Bahamas and the other days caught up in a typhoon somewhere. The turmoil of feeling and thoughts that you are processing are at the speed of light. They Race through the channeling of your brain cycle only to be met by your finger, now how your record it is choice of your personal preference.
5. Described by the writer himself. Writing is therapeutic, writing is the real way of communication, and writing is the best way to translate the world and life.
6. What are your favorite books or sites you go to for writing tips/advice. I became an author by chance, reading and writing was never my passion. I’ve always been artistic; I’ve studied at the London Institute of fashion. In all fairness I’ve only ever read the compulsory books that you read in high school, Macbeth Romeo & Juliet the kind of books that are engraved in your memory. And the only authors that know so much about and love are Shakespeare and Roald Dhal and John Steinbeck. I am not narrow minded I I just haven’t explored the world of books. On my journey of being a new author I’ve met some incredible writers John Moore and Deneale K Williams, and an upcoming debut Author Mr Kamaljitch Singh.
7. How long does it take me to write a book, From start to publishing writing
day and night in-between being a fulltime mother I managed to completed the book in 3 months.
8. Have you ever cut anything form your book and why. Only a few poems that no longer fitted in with the concept of the book.
9. Least favorite thing about writing, trying to match the speed of writing with the speed of my thoughts..
10. The most important things a writer should spend money on. A writing journal, actually what am I talking about let’s make that many writing journals and good writing pens.
11. Least important things a writer should spend money on?.Marketing that looks good and shows they have a lot to offer but actually it’s just a money making scam.
12. Biggest writing distractions?. Noise, atmosphere, seating position, and the pen you’re using. The position of my pen.
13. How do you measure your success as a writer, I am a simple human being who has written about her life and has shocked the readers with my horrifying experience and struggles with mental health, every chapter in my book offers a new story a part of my life, from bullies, to loss, to mental illness, to spiritual contact and last but not least poetry that has been incorporated at the end of each chapter.
15. What advice would you give yourself if you were starting the writing journey again, give myself more time.

As a reader
1. What is your favorite genre(s)? Tell us more about why you love them? I like books that are based on true life stories
2. Have you ever skipped something important to stay home and read a book. No
3. What is your favorite book quote I don’t have a quote from a book but what I can never get out of my mind, is this quote by Martin Luther King “I have a Dream”
4. Do you prefer a real book or a kindle / electronic device, I’m very old school in my way of thinking so I love paperbacks, there’s something very rewarding about holding an actual physical copy in your hand.
5. Favorite book hero and /or villain and why? Lennie
6. My most influential book(s)? of mice and men read at the age of 13 it never left me. Also EVA I also read this when I was a little girl again it’s a story that touched my heart and never left my mind.
7. Tell us what you are currently reading and your verdict so far? I don’t have the time to read there are not enough hours in the day, but I am considering audio books.
8. If you could have a signed copy of a book, by an author, (living or dead) who would it be and why John Steinbeck and Peter Dickenson, its very simple to answer for me they are very creative writers who leave an everlasting impression, like I mentioned earlier I read their books from an early age and I still remember it.



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