A writer’s work is never done.

As I sit here in front of my keyboard attempting to work on two manuscripts alternately, I realize that a writers work is never done. You just published a book, your marketing it in every way you can. You are getting the word out, and bam!! A manuscript idea hits you and if you don’t write it down, you will lose it. that turns into three chapters of your next book.

Then an innocent conversation about your favorite author launches your mind off into The Great Beyond, and just like that, Bam!! Now you have a second book in your head and you have to write that down or lose it, and three chapters in you realize your are going to be writing these two series of books, for a long time to come.

Never discount the power of your imagination. If you get an idea for a creation, regardless of your medium, write it down so you don’t lose that great idea you had it could set your work apart from anyone else in your field.

We are meant to be creative, go and create!


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