Tuesday Mornings

It’s Tuesday Morning, I am roasting, it’s a heatwave for the next week, the temperature might his 110` today, and I am trying to figure out which manuscript to work on. I have two stories sitting here, one is the next book in the new series, Infinities Gate, which I am having a blast writing.

The other one is something I have wanted to write for thirty years, a true Sword & Sorcery Novel set in the post Crucifixion world. The hero is a Pict, taken captive and sold into the Gladiatorial arena where he earns his freedom and becomes a centurion goes to Palestine and while stationed in Jerusalem, is tasked with the Crucifixion of Christ, along with Longinus.

Okay, that’s the blurb on the other story, want to keep the rest of the plot a surprise, already 10,000 words into the manuscript.

Have a great Tuesday, read more books, write more books, keep the craft alive


1 thought on “Tuesday Mornings”

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