Excerpt from the new book, Bloodlines

Tamara Jenkins, an undergrad student, working on her Ph.D. in Archeology joins a dig in northern Montana searching for Native American artifacts for her thesis. After submitting her thesis and receiving her doctorate, she stumbles upon a greater find.
At the back of a cave, she sees what looks like a door. It has a curious symbol on it. When she touches it, she feels the power surging through her body. The dial looked like a lock. Curiosity getting the better of her, she begins to turn the lock and when it clicks into place, the door opens and she steps into the world of Magic that to her, cannot be real.
She became heir to all the knowledge of every sorcerer in history. A skeptic turned believer, she now leads the fight for every practitioner of the Arcane Arts and becomes the Champion of Truth. Defending all against the rising tide of Darkness led by Clyde Barnwell, The Black Magus.


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